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LAGUN American Turnmaster TW-EVS-A-Series 21"
Port Orange, FL
Lagun lathes
American Turnmaster TW-EVS-A-Series
Spindle Bore:
3.1 in. (78.5 mm.)
Distance between Centers:
40 in. (1,000 mm) 60 in. (1,500 mm) 80 in. (2,000 mm) 120 in. (3,000 mm)


Stock number:
Heavy duty camlock spindles.
Cross feeds:
0.00075 - 0.02 in. (0.02 - 0.5 mm.)
Speed range:
20 ~ 1,600 RPM - 16 Speed
Gross weight:
5,830 lbs. (2,650 kg) 6,600 lbs. (3,000 kg) 7,480 lbs. (3,400 kg) 9,240 lbs. (4,200 kg)
Spindle bore:
3.1 in. (78.5 mm.)
Spindle nose:
Swing in gap:
31.1 in. (790 mm.)
Width packed:
44.1 in. (1,120 mm.)
Center height:
10.5 in.(267 mm.)
Height packed:
65.7 in. (1,670 mm.)
Length on bed:
21.1 in. (537 mm. )
Length packed:
99.8 in. (2,535 mm) 118.1 in. (3,000 mm) 138.2 in. (3,510 mm) 178 in. (4,520 mm)
Spindle speeds:
Swing over bed:
21 in.(533 mm.)
Swing over gap:
31 in.(787 mm.)
Width of bridge:
21.3 n. (542 mm. )
Main drive motor:
12.5 HP (9 kW)
Number of v ways:
3 each, V Ways (TW)
Top slide travel:
5.4 in. (137 mm. )
Cross slide travel:
11 in. (280 mm.)
Longitudinal feeds:
0.0015 - 0.04 in. (0.04 - 1.0 mm.)
Range of d.p. & no:
8 - 44 (21)
Range of m.p. & no:
0.3 - 3.5 (18)
Spindle inner taper:
No. 7 MT
Tailstock quill taper:
MT 5
Swing over cross slide:
14 in.(356 mm.)
Tailstock quill travel:
7 in. (178 mm.)
Distance between centers:
40 in. (1,000 mm) 60 in. (1,500 mm) 80 in. (2,000 mm) 120 in. (3,000 mm)
Tailstock quill diameter:
3 in. (76 mm.)
Width of bed across ways:
13.5 in.(345 mm.)
Gap length from faceplate:
8 in.(203 mm.)
Range of metric threads no:
(39) 0.2 ~ 14mm
Gap length from faceplate 2:
7.7 in. (200 mm.)
Range of whit worth threads & no:
(45) 2 ~ 72 TPI


ITEM: 21" x 40" - 120" Manual High Speed Gap Bed Lathes
MODEL: American Turnmaster TW-EVS-A-Series
PART# AT-2140-G-TW / AT-2160-G-TW / AT-2180-G-TW / AT-21120-G-TW
Product Features
Geared Headstock - With Forward & Reverse Disc Clutch (Matrix®)
Turcite® Anti-Friction / Vibration Material Under the Cross Slide Ways
Full Length Foot Brake
Flood Coolant System - Chip and Coolant Tray (Frontal Removal)
Inch / Metric Dual Dials (For Compound & Cross Slide)
Inch / Metric Enclosed Gear Box
3 Phase/60 Hertz/220/440 Volts Electrics
Pressurized Lubrication to Headstock
HEADSTOCK - Heavy duty geared head with forged alloy steel spindle (dynamically balanced) mounted on three Timken® taper roller bearings - using two taper adjustable roller bearings and one straight roller bearing. All gears and shafts are hardened and ground supported by bearings
Lubrication: Head lubricated by cold and clean oil from a pressure pump located in the lathe base (not an oil bath head). (15”, 18”, & 21” Models)
Clutches: Forward-reverse spindle disc clutches Matrix® (electric motor always turns). (15”, 18”, & 21” Models)
Speeds: 16 speeds with a single speed motor and constant horse power in all gear ranges. (15”, 18”, & 21” Models)
Spindle : Heavy duty camlock spindles
D1-4 on 13” Lathes
D1-6 on 15” Lathes
D1-8 on 18” & 21” Lathes
UNIVERSAL GEAR BOX - A wide range of both U.S. and Metric threads without changing any end train gears - to save time. Gears are hardened-shafts turn on anti-friction bearings-mechanism runs in oil bath
Separate rod for power feeds - lead screw is used for thread cutting only. Clutch in apron and shear pin in lead screw protect against overload
CARRIAGE AND CROSS SLIDE - Wide, full-length cross slide externally dove-tailed for quick and easy mounting of accessories. Micrometer dials (inch
& metric) with direct readings. For cross and compound feeds. Immediate change-over from inch to metric readings through dial window. Pressure one shot lube for carriage and cross slide. Cross lead screw with backlash eliminator. Carriage with Turcite® material on the sliding surfaces, to eliminate “stick slip” and dampen cutting vibrations. Centralized push button controls with E-stop and spindle jog
APRON - Totally enclosed double wall type apron with adjustable trip control to allow maximum accuracy when turning shoulder lengths. Forward-off-reverse spindle control provided by gated lever at apron. Feed reverse from the apron. Independent control for longitudinal and cross feed engagement. Left hand wheel location (right side upon request). Can be disengaged for threading operations
FEED ANGAGEMENT WITH AUTOMATIC FEED KICKOUT - Power feeds disengage automatically when carriage contacts a positive stop - greater efficiency, accuracy
2-WAY RAPID - Standard on 120” centers lathes and optional on all others
BED - Ultra-rigid meehanite casting mounted on cast iron base. Induction hardened and precisi