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LAGUN American Turnmaster 11" x
Port Orange, FL, USA
Lagun lathes
American Turnmaster
Distance between Centers:
18 in. (457.2 mm.)
Spindle Nose:
2.189 in. (55.69 mm.)


Stock number:
Feed motor:
0.5 HP (0.4 Kw)
Coolant pump:
0.25 HP (0.19 Kw.)
Length of bed:
36 in. (915 mm.)
Spindle taper:
No. 2 MT (No. 2 MT)
5c hex collets:
0.875 in. (22 mm.)
Spindle travel:
3.75 in.
Swing over bed:
11 in. (280 mm.)
With jaw chucks:
6 in. (150 mm.)
5c round collets:
1.0625 in. (27 mm.)
Coolant pump motor:
0.25 HP ( 0.19 kW)
Cross slide travel:
6 in. (152 mm.)
Machine dimensions:
73 x 30 x 67 in. (1850 x 750 x 1700 mm)
Machine net weight:
2,200 lbs (1000 kg)
Lead screw diameter:
8 TPI x 1 in. (8 TPI x 25.4 mm)
Swing over carriage:
9 in. (229 mm.)
Spindle speed, range:
0~4,000 RPM
Compound slide travel:
3 in. (76 mm.)
Spindle nose diameter:
2.189 in. (55.69 mm.)
Inch thread range (36):
4 to 120 TPI
Spindle speeds, number:
Infinitely variable
Swing over cross slide:
6 in. (152 mm.)
Spindle with jaw chunks:
6 in. (150 mm.)
Distance between centers:
18 in. (457.2 mm.)
Metric thread range (36):
(0.2 to 10 mm)
Tailstock spindle diameter:
1.358 ince (35 mm)
Carriage variable feed range:
0.3125 to 7 in.
Main drive, evs, 3/60/220 volt:
5 HP (0.75 / 0.37 kW)
Cross slide variable feed range:
0.1875 to 4 in. (5 to 102 mm)
Quick-action compound slide travel:
0.1 in. (2.54 mm.)
Spindle capacity, with step chucks:
1.0625 to 6 in. (27 to 152 mm.)
Spindle capacity, with expanding collets:
3 in. (76 mm.)
Engine / toolroom


ITEM: 11" x 18" Ultra Hi-Precision Lathe with Electronic Threading
MODEL: American Turnmaster
Product Features
For decades, Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. has proudly offered the reliability of the American Turnmaster high precision manual lathe. Our American Turnmaster manual lathe is a Hardinge-type lathe with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!
These dependable and highly accurate manual lathes are built for industry applications which require the highest precision machining, centered around medical machining. The American Turnmaster high precision manual lathes are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime. Our American Turnmaster manual lathe ranges from 9” to 13” swings with maximum turning length to 18”. The American Turnmaster high precision manual lathe ranges in power from 3 – 5 HP (2.4 – 3.7 KW)
EVS Main Spindle
Dual reading inch/metric dials on all axis handles
Coolant System
5C Lever Type Collet Closer
Inch/Metric Threading
Digital Readout With 0.0001” Resolution
Electronic Threading By Touch Screen
Microprocessor Controlled Electronic Threading
LCD Touch Screen Console Controls are mounted on swivel arm
2-axis digital Readout System with 0.0001” resolution
5 HP Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) with RPM Digital display