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Port Orange, FL, USA
6,500 lbs. (2,948kg.) 9,460 lbs. (4,205 kg.)


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Lagun Model: 510 70 – 4200 RPM
124 in. (3150 mm.) 140 in. (3570 mm.)
73 in. (1850 mm.) 90 in. (2270 mm.)
98 in. (2489 mm.) 108 in. (2760 mm.)
6,500 lbs. (2,948kg.) 9,460 lbs. (4,205 kg.)
Main motor:
7.5 HP / 10 HP (5 kW / 7.5 Kw) 10 HP
Table load:
2,000 lbs. (4,400 kg) 2420 lbs. (1,100 kg.)
Table size:
14 x 52 in. (356 x 1320 mm.) 18 x 56.75 in. (460 x 1440 mm.)
Head swivel:
± 90º
T-slot size:
.710 in. (18 mm.)
Cutting feeds:
0 – 140 IPM (0~3.5 M/min)
± 0.0002 in. (0.005 mm.)
Spindle taper:
No. 40 Erickson
Quill diameter:
4.3125 in. (110 mm.) 4.375 in. (111 mm.)
Ball screw type:
Double Nut
Ball screw grade:
Ball screw pitch:
0.2 in. lead (5 mm lead ) 5 mm lead (5 mm lead )
Quill power feeds:
.003 / .0015 / .006 IPR
X-y-z servo drives:
#40 quick change nut:
For #40 Taper Spindle
Positioning accuracy:
± 0.0004 in. (0.01 mm.)
Head vertical (z-axis):
24.875 in. (632 mm.) 24 in. (610 mm.)
Floor space (l x w x h):
124 x 73 x 98 in. (3150 x 1850 x 2489 mm) 140 x 90 x 108 in. (3570 x 2270 x 2760 mm.)
Servo drive torque, 2:1:
41 in/lb.
Rapid traverse - all axes:
400 IPM (10.16 M/min.)
Distance, spindle to table:
30.125 in. (765 mm.) 5 to 29 in. (130 to 740 mm.)
Distance, spindle to column:
23.75 in. (603 mm.)
Lagun ftv-510 head assembly:
10 HP (7.5 kW) - ±90° Head Swivel (Left & Right)
Saddle cross travel (y-axis):
22 in. (559 mm.) 22 in. (560 mm.)
Distance across the 4 bed ways:
23.25 in. (590 mm.) 26.75 in. (680 mm.)
Ge fanuc oi-m control features:
200 + Productivity Enhancing features
Saddle bearing length on table:
47.5 in. (1210 mm.) 56 in. (1563 mm.)
Saddle & table (bearing length):
47.5 in. 56 in. (1563 mm.)
Quill travel, manual & power feed:
6 in. (152 mm.)
Table longitudinal travel (x-axis):
42 in. (1067 mm.) 50 in. (1270 mm.)
Ball screw diameter, x & z axes y axis:
X and Y: 1.250 in. / Z: 1.575 in. (X and Y: 32mm / Z: 40mm) 1.250 in. (X and Z axis) 1.575 in.(Y axis) (32mm (X and Z axis) Y: 40mm (Y axis))
Spindle speeds - manual dial, variable:
70 – 4200 RPM
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ITEM: 14" - 18" x 52"- 56-3/4" CNC Vertical Bed Mills
PART# VBM-1000-F / VBM-1270-F
Product Features
In the past 45 years Republic Lagun’s CNC vertical mills and CNC bed mills have become synonymous with reliability! Our vertical mills and bed mills are constructed with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!
These dependable CNC vertical mills and CNC bed mills are built for virtually every industry application from production shops to research and development vertical machining. Our line of vertical mills and bed mills are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime. Our CNC vertical mills offer the same rigid platform as our FTV-2-F mill
LAGUN FTV-510 HEAD ASSEMBLY: 10 HP (7.5 kW) - ±90° Head Swivel (Left & Right)
4-way Box Bed Design for Maximum Rigidity and stability
Special Meehanite Castings Through-out
Extra-wide Saddle Supporting over 90% of the Table Length
Large Table Work Surface with expanded X-axis Travels
Full Auto Lubrication
Safety Handwheels on X & Y for Manual Operation
Manual Quill Feed with 6” of Travel
Flood Coolant System with Full Length Rear Guard and Base Coolant/Chip Tray
Large Diameter Precision Ball Screws on All Axes
World Famous LAGUN H.D. Vertical Head (#40 taper)
ANILAM® 5300M Five Star Contouring Control System with Integrated CAM Programming Enhanced Mold and Die Capability, Isometric Color Graphics (other systems available)
LAGUN HEAD: Heavy Duty 10 HP MTR motor head provides manual variable speeds from 70 to 4,200 RPM in two ranges (EVS drive with PSS optional). No.40 taper spindle is 4-bearing design. Large 4-3/8" quill diameter has 6" hand lever travel and 3 rates of power feed. Head swivels 90 degrees right-left. Counterbalanced head (Z Axis) travels 23" on VBM-1000, 25" on VBM-1270, and 27.6" on VBM-1525
Siemens 828D CNC Control: The SINUMERIK 828D is a panel-based CNC, for demanding milling machines typical for the jobshop. It combines CNC, PLC, operating and axis control functions into one compact unit capbable of 4-axis machining
Fagor 8055 CNC Control: The Fagor 8055 i/A-MC CNC control combines value & reliability with a featured packed modular control. This control was built for the shop environment with a rugged keyboard and modular design. The unique and very powerful operating system consists of 2 systems within 1 control
Fanuc Oi CNC Control
GE FANUC Oi-M CONTROL FEATURES: 200 + Productivity Enhancing features
-Three (3) axes simultaneous control
-9 in. monochrome Liquid Crystal Display
-Tool path graphics
-Dry run graphics for fast part verification
-Four (4) axis control ready
Acu-Rite MillPower CNC Control: "MillPwr\" 3-axis control. The Z-axis can easily be disengaged from CNC control so there is complete manual operation of the quill by handwheel. Handwheels are also provided for X and Y when operating machine in the ma