Port Orange, FL, USA



50" x 10" 3-Axis CNC Vertical Mill
In the past 45 years Republic Lagun’s CNC vertical mills and CNC bed mills have become synonymous with reliability! Our vertical mills and bed mills are constructed with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!
These dependable CNC vertical mills and CNC bed mills are built for virtually every industry application from production shops to research and development vertical machining.  Our line of vertical mills and bed mills are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.  Our CNC vertical mills offer the same rigid platform as our FTV-2-F mill.
3-Axis CNC with 3-Axis DRO & Manual Handwheel Control of X-Y-Z
Head equipped with “High velocity cooling system” the generated “Air Flow”; keeps the head at constant temperature.
Two speed ranges 4HP constant drive, mechanical infinite variable speeds