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LAGUN FTV-2F 55-1/4" x 10"
Port Orange, FL
2,850 lbs. (1,292.7 Kg.)


Stock number:
63 in.
67 in. (1.70 m.)
104 in. (2.64 m.)
Vertical Shaping Attachment
3 t-slots on 2.5 in. centers (size 5/8 in.) (3 t-slots on 64 mm. centers (size 16 mm.))
Head tilt:
+/- 45°
Head type:
EVS with optional Geared
Knee width:
11.5 in. (292 mm.)
Main motor:
3 - 4 HP (2.24 - 2.98 kW)
Ram travel:
22-3/16 in. (563 mm.)
Table size:
55.25 in. x 10 in. (1,403 x 254 mm.)
Head swivel:
+/- 90°
T-slot size:
0.625 in. (16 mm.)
Quill travel:
5 in. (127 mm.)
One shot lube:
The one-shot central lubrication system
Spindle taper:
Coolant system:
Flood Coolant System
Machine weight:
2,850 lbs. (1,292.7 Kg.)
Quill diameter:
3.375” (86 mm.)
Knee travel, z axis:
16 in. (406 mm.)
Cross travel, y axis:
16 in. ( 406 mm.)
Vertical knee travel:
16 in. (406 mm.)
Optional spindle taper:
#40 or #30 NST / Universal Q.S. 200 or 300
Maximum weight on table:
750 lbs. (341 kgs.)
T-slots (number) x size:
3 on 2.5 in. centers (3 on 64 mm.)
Hardened and ground ways:
Distance, spindle to table:
0 to 18 in. (0 to 457 mm.)
Power, dual voltage motors:
230 / 440 Volts
Distance, spindle to column:
5 to 27 in. ( 127 to 685 mm.)
Lagun hd infinite power feed:
LAGUN H.D. GEARED POWER FEEDS (8 speed) X Y Z 1 Speed)
Longitudinal travel (manual):
38.5 in. (977 mm.)
Ram & turret (bearing length):
19 in. ( 483 mm.)
Ram and turret bearing length:
19 in. ( 483 mm.)
Power quill feeds to quill/rev:
.0015, .003, .006 in.
Distance between t-slot centers:
2.5 in. (64 mm.)
Knee to column (bearing length):
18 in.
Saddle & table (bearing length):
23 in. ( 584 mm.)
Column turret diameter (graduated):
15 in. (381 mm.)
Infinite variable speed head (rpm):
55 to 4250 RPM
Longitudinal travel (with power feed):
35-37 in. (889-939 mm.)
Subcategory 2:
Vertical knee type


ITEM: 55-1/4" x 10" Manual Vertical Mill
Product Features
In the past 45 years Republic Lagun’s manual vertical mills have become synonymous with reliability! Our manual vertical mills are constructed with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years! Our vertical mill is offered in the FTV-2-F model; and a larger more robust replacement of our FTV-510 will be available later this year
These dependable vertical mills and bed mills are built for virtually every industry application from production shops to research and development vertical machining. Our line of manual vertical mills are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime; proven by many users who have been running the same FTV mills for 30+ years!
Head equipped with High velocity cooling system
Two speed ranges 3HP constant drive (optional 4HP), mechanical infinite variable speeds
Special Hi performance transmission belt
The head assembly can be tilted front-to-back and swiveled right-to-left
Ram/head assembly can be easily rotated a full 360° degrees
5 HP EVS Optional Head: EVS Spindle Power–vs.– Standard Variable Speed (See B) At 356 RPM, the EVS reaches its full horsepower rating (5HP- constant duty rating) and produces 74 ft/lbs (10kgm) of torque allowing you to mill, drill, and tap materials other machines can barely cut
Acu-rite®, Anilam®, Newall®, and Sony® Digitial Read Out - DRO: These DRO\'s were designed for all types of machining applications; both a powerful yet intuitive DRO that includes a host of standard features that are normally found on more expensive units
Slotter: Vertical Shaping Attachment
-The 3/4 HP vertical shaping head performs intricate shapes. Rear mounted, may be swung into place to perform light shaping operations. Adjusted to any vertical or compound angle to the table, can produce shapes which normally requires special broach
Lagun HD Infinite Power Feed: LAGUN H.D. GEARED POWER FEEDS (8 speed) X Y Z 1 Speed)
Pneumatic Power Draw Bar
#40 Taper Spindle: Republic Lagun offers standard R8 spindles on most of our smaller vertical mills, and as an added option we offer #30 & #40 taper spindles
Riser Blocks
Republic Lagun is an approved UL shop for 20 plus years: We offer outer labeling and inspections for official registration as one of our options
Republic Lagun offers C.S.A. Electrics for our Canadian dealers & end-users as an option