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LAGUN LL-ST-20 LL-VS-20 20" x
Port Orange, FL, USA
Lagun lathes
LL-ST-20 LL-VS-20
Spindle Bore:
2.68 in. (68 mm.)
Distance between Centers:
45 or 124 in. (1,150 or 3,150 mm.)


Stock number:
30 - 1,500 RPM 3
10 HP (7.5 kW)
Net weight:
3,325 lbs. (1,510 kgs. )
Cross feeds:
0.001 - 0.03 in.
Range i rpm:
— 0 - 240 RPM
Range ii rpm:
240 - 630 RPM
Spindle nose:
Range iii rpm:
630 - 1,700 RPM
Spindle speeds:
12 —
Swing over bed:
20.87 in. (530 mm.)
Swing over gap:
30.71 in. (780 mm.)
Main drive motor:
7.5 HP (5.5 kW)
Main spindle bore:
2.68 in. (68 mm.)
Cross slide travel:
13.98 in. (355 mm.)
Longitudinal feeds:
0.002 - 0.06 in. (0.05 - 1.5 mm.)
Evs drive, optional:
12 HP (9 kW)
Evs drive, standard:
10 HP (7.5 kW)
Max tool dimensions:
1 x 1 in. (25 mm.)
Compound slide travel:
6.5 in. (165 mm.)
Tailstock quill taper:
MT 5
Swing over cross slide:
12.80 in. (325 mm.)
Tailstock quill travel:
7.07 in. (180 mm.) 7.08 in. (180 mm.)
Distance between centers:
45 or 124 in. (1,150 or 3,150 mm.)
Tailstock quill diameter:
2.84 in. (72 mm.)
Width of bed across ways:
13.78 in. (350 mm.)
Inch thread range (44) tpi:
2 - 60
Metric thread range (44) mm:
0.5 - 15
Modular thread range (44) m:
0.25 - 7.5
Diametral pitch range (44) dp:
4 - 120
Engine / toolroom


ITEM: 20" x 45" - 124" Big Bore Manual Lathes
MODEL: Liberty Series: Standard & EVS
PART# LL-ST-20 / LL-VS-20
Product Features
For several years, Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. has proudly offered the reliability of the Liberty big bore manual lathe. Our Liberty big bore manual lathes offer the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!
These dependable, rigid and heavy duty manual lathes are built for virtually every industry application; heavily used in hydro-electric alternative energy and oil drilling. The Liberty big bore manual lathes are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime
Manufactured in Western Europe in accordance with ISO International Standards
Highest grade Meehanite castings
Apron, gearbox, and headstock are completely enclosed and lubricated by oil bath
Cross slide and T-slotted top slide are equipped with adjustable gibs
Complete electrical controls housed in NEMA-type enclosure with easy access
Telescopic Taper Attachment
Fixed / Traveling Steady
Halogen Work Light
Manual Index Bed Turret 6-Positions
Standard Digital Readout Systems and CSS versions for EVS Lathes
Sjogren®Type 5C HandWheel Collet Closer
Tool Post Grinders - Available in different wheel dia. for all models
Universal 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks, Independent 4 Jaw Chucks, Face Plates
5C Lever Type Collet Closer
Live Centers
Chuck Safety Guards (above) Full Length Rear Splash Guards (not shown)
4 position carriage and cross slide stops. Micrometer carriage stop
Aloris Quickchange Tool Post Set
Inch/Metric Dual Dials
Rear Tool Post
Republic Lagun is an approved UL shop for 20 plus years: We offer outer labeling and inspections for official registration as one of our options
Republic Lagun offers C.S.A. Electrics for our Canadian dealers & end-users as an option