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A&V WATERJET AV126 12' x
Port Orange, FL, USA


Stock number:
Working range:
12' x 6'
1. power source:
480V/3 Phases/100 Amps
Control accuracy:
Cutting accuracy:
Power requirement:
Max. traverse speed:
3. cooling water line:
no pressure requirement, can share with Inlet line.
Max. operating pressure:
2. inlet/cutting water line:
Consistent pressure 40 – 100 PSI
Continuous operating pressure:
Max. water discharge at 55,000psi:
1 gal/min
Water jets


ITEM: 12' x 6' Cutting Table
Product Features
The AV 126 Water Jet 4 axis system includes the following
A&V Cutting Table 6' x 4'
A&V 50HP High Pressure Pump 480V 3 Phase
Windows 7 Industrial PC based controller
Remote Online Support/ Access to Online Knowledge Base System
Automatic Garnet Feeder
2,000 Lbs Of Garnet
$1,000 Worth Of Spare Parts/ 1 DIAMOND ORIFACE
1 Year Parts/Labor Warranty (not including wear parts)
Control Software Manual
Machine maintenance and troubleshooting document/videos
Servo Drives and Motors are made by YASKAWA Japan
(Y-axis is driven by dual motors)
Precision Ball Screw made by Ipiranda, Spain
Linear Guides and Nuts made by SKF, United States
Aluminum Alloy Bridge
Balanced weight distribution
4-Axis Cutting Head: A&V four-axis cutting head is the result of our latest scientific research. The main benefit of a four-axis cutting head is to compensate taper, and to make the finished edge completely vertical through the fourth axis - a rotational axis. The four-axis cutting head actually has the structure of a five axis, which purposely has one axis under manual control b
This specially engineered cutting head has performed remarkably in many cutting fields in reducing the processing cost due to increased operating efficiency. Compared with our five-axis cutting head design, it has a maximum limit of a 4 degree angle with a rotational accuracy of 0.01 degrees
For taper compensation, the distance between the cutting head and the surface of the work piece must be maintained with high accuracy. The height positioning accuracy of the four-axis is 0.01mm and the cutting accuracy is 0.1mm, which can easily meet various cutting requirements
In the marble matching process, waterjet cutting with a four-axis cutting head design is simply amazing. When the angle of the cutting head reaches 4 degrees, the finished edge shows tremendous improvement. As can be seen from this picture, there is no gap between the two joined surfaces. Hence, a secondary polishing procedure is no longer required. Thereby, it increases working efficiency and reduces the production cost
Intensifier Pump
50HP 55k PSI
Uses intensifier pressurization
Max. Water discharge at 55,000psi : 1 gal/min
Max. Diameter of orifice at 55,000psi: .014
Max. Operating pressure: 55,000psi
Continuous operating pressure: 50,000psi
Power requirement: 480V/60HZ/3phase/100amps
Disconnect with fuse
Electronic shift
The 50HP motor is made by Siemens
The oil pump is made by Rexroth
The high pressure cylinder is made by Hypertherm
CNC system
Includes Industrial Personal Computer control
Fastcam Nesting Software is Optional
Automatic Speed Processing Function for Small Arcs
Repeat Cutting Function
Pause Function and Variable Starting Function
Accept DXF file created by AutoCAD and Solidworks, it can work for other cam software but it needs to be confirmed prior to purchase
Windows 7 Operating System
Remote Online Support
Feeder and abrasive feeding system