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SHARP RD-820 / RD-1230 /
Port Orange, FL
RD-820 / RD-1230 / RD-1600


Stock number:
Coolant pump:
1/8 HP 1 HP 1/8 HP
Main motor (hp):
3 5 7.5
Stoke of spindle:
8.25" 9.8" 14.6"
Diameter of column:
8.25 11.8" 17"
Dimensions of base:
49" x 25" x 6" 68" x 28" x 7" 98" x 41" x 8"
Machine dimensions:
66" x 32" 86" 80" x 39" x 89" 114" x 56" x 115"
Elevating motor (hp):
1 2
Dist. spindle to base:
13.7” - 47.6" 19.4” - 54" 13” - 63"
Taper hole in spindle:
MT #4 MT #5
Travel of spindle head:
24.8" 35" 49.6"
Dist. column to spindle:
8.5” ~ 33” 13” - 48" 13” - 63"
Effective area of table:
19" x 15" x 15" 27” x 19" x 15"
Elevating height of arm:
25.5" 34.5" 35.5"
Spindle feed (ipr x steps):
0.002"-.006" x 3 0.003"-0.038" x 6
Clamping motor for arm (hp):
Manual Clamp 1 HP 1/2 HP
Spindle (rpm range x steps):
88 -1500 x 6 44 - 1500 x 12 40 - 1920 x 12
Clamping motor for column & gear box:
Manual Clamp 1 HP
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Subcategory 2:
Radial arm


ITEM: 31" - 63" Radial Drills
MODEL: RD-820 / RD-1230 / RD-1600
Product Features
Sharp radial drills are excellent machines for tapping, drilling and boring large holes on cast iron or steel material. The traveling arm is made with hardened and ground slide ways for precise movement of head and spindle. The vertical column utilizes double tube design for rigidity. The spindle is equipped with depth setting
Hardened and ground gears made of Ni-Cr alloy are used in headstock for durability
Horizontal arm has hardened and ground slide way for precise headstock movement
Vertical column has safety device to prevent arm from dropping
Machine base is made out of heavily ribbed casting for stability. It is equipped with T-slots for easy clamping of work piece and drain channel to direct coolant flow
Arm elevation is controlled by electric motor
For Models RD-1230 and RD-1600
Vertical column utilize double tube construction
Spindle is equipped with counter balance measure
Clamping of the arm, column and headstock is done by electric or hydraulic motor
For Model RD-1600
Clamping of the arm, column and headstock is done by independent hydraulic motor
The headstock is equipped with built-in lubrication system
Headstock is equipped with over-load clutch to protect the gears in case of spindle over load
Headstock has rapid spindle return feature, along with the clutch, it speeds up the tapping procedure
Built in automatic tool ejector for easy tool change
Box table
Coolant system
Work light
Tilting table