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2" x 2" x .1875"
Port Orange, FL, USA


2" x 2" x .1875" Hydraulic Metal Ring Roller
The R-M55H profile bender’s design was developed form the R-M55.  It has the same 2" Schedule 40 pipe capacity, as the R-M55 but incorporates an industrial grade hydraulic system to control the top forming roll.  This takes less effort and time on the operator to achieve the same radii.  In addition to the hydraulic movement there is also a digital readout to let the operator know exactly where the top shaft is positioned.  This is very important for repeating bends.
The R-M55H has a powerful direct gearbox drive system that delivers full torque when bending at full capacity. The R-M55H uses an inverter that is overload protected, to control the rolling speed.  Being variable speed allows the operator to fine tune the rolling speed for each material.