Port Orange, FL, USA



1,400 CFM Green Filter Cleaning Machine
Diversi-Tech's Green Filter Cleaning Machine will effectively and safely clean air filters
Features our patented Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS: U.S. Patent 5,322,535), over 2000 ICS systems in use.
Enables filter recycling, immediate ROI
Environmentally friendly, reduces Land Fill
Filters can be re-used 3 - 6 times depending on applications
Insures peak performance of diesel engines and dust collectors
Adjustable for different filter diameters and heights
How the Green Filter Cleaning Machine Works:
Easy to load, automatic and programmable cleaning cycles, filters cleaned in 3 to 5 minutes.
Dry compressed air cleans filters from the inside out. Pollutant dust is safely captured with our powerful cyclone collector than safely stored in a supplied 55gal drum.
Filter Inspection Station available, recommended for air intake filters used in Diesel Engines, measure restriction levels of air filters to confirm filters integrity