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FOREMOST (Bantam) RMT 18 -
Port Orange, FL, USA
0 - 2-1/2" 0 - 2" 0 - 1-1/2"


Stock number:
Ram area:
7" x 4-1/4"
Bench space:
14" x 32"
Throat depth:
Manufacturer 2:
Opening in bed:
4-1/2" x 4"
Overall height:
Ram adjustment:
Shipping weight:
990 lbs.
Optional wide bed:
24" x 12"
Tonnage at 80 psi:
18 Ton 20 Ton 24 Ton
Bed area - standard:
18" x 12"
Stroke - adjustable:
0 - 2-1/2" 0 - 2" 0 - 1-1/2"
Bed to base distance:
Hole in ram - diameter x depth:
1-9/16" x 3"
Air cylinder extension below base:
Recommended air supply line - 80 psi:
Shut height - stroke down/adjustment up:
8-1/2" 9" 9-1/2"
Ram force / air consumption / operating speed:
Toggle & pneumatic


ITEM: 18 - 24 Ton Air Toggle Presses
PART# 18D / 20D / 24D
Product Features
Ideal for a Wide Range of Punching and Secondary Operations
Quality construction, safe operation and trouble free performance
Powerful toggle action generates force like a flywheel press providing maximum tonnage near bottom of the stroke
Low-cost air operation reduces maintenance
Ten rugged models from 3 ton to 24 ton assures a press that's right for your every application
Air Operated : Economical air operated RMT presses are powered by double acting "air saver" cylinders providing fast, dependable operation and easy servicing. Pneumatic valves are mounted safely inside the cover to assure clean and quiet operation. There is no motor, clutch or brake to maintain
Guard Actuated : Guard actuation is fast, automatic and operator friendly with the die space completely surrounded during the ram cycle. Lowering the guard advances the ram, releasing the guard automatically retracts the ram. Guard meets OSHA requirements
Low Maintenance : Completely pneumatic. With simple controls and only a few moving parts, RMT Presses require minimum maintenance to assure years of reliable performance and high productivity
Rugged Frames : Heavy cast iron bodies are built to resist deflection and absorb shock. Close tolerance shafts and bronze bushings assure accurate and consistent stroke depth and long tool life. Working components are mounted within the frame and protected by a durable sound absorbing fiberglass cover that encloses all moving parts
Powerful Toggle Design : RMT presses are entirely air operated, with the toggle action powered by a unique adjustable stroke air cylinder. Shop line pressure is multiplied to obtain up to 24 tons of ram force. Toggle design facilitates easy adjustment of stroke length, depth and speed to match the operation. Air line mufflers provide quiet operation
Ram : The ram is guided in adjustable VEE gibs for precise die alignment. High repeat accuracy is provided by positive stops at each end of the stroke. Ample ram adjustment permits fast, accurate final depth settings. Dies are bolted to the ram and the T-slotted bed
Safety Guard Activation : When the guard is pulled down the actuation lever rotates into the pilot valve, which in turn shifts the main valve. The cylinder strokes and the ram descends. As the toggle link straightens ram force increases reaching maximum tonnage at the bottom of the stroke. When the guard is released both valves shift back and the ram automatically retracts
Greater Productivity : One-hand guard actuation greatly increases production as the operator uses his free hand to pick up the next part. By shortening the ram stroke to the minimum for the operation, cycle time and air consumption are reduced
Easy Set-Up : The linkage can be moved and reset by hand by shifting the air valve to "Off" to bleed air from the system. Optional controls are quickly and easily connected to the convenient ext