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SHARP LMV/3500i / LMV-50/3500i in
Port Orange, FL, USA
LMV/3500i / LMV-50/3500i
Travels (X, Y, And Z) 25" (with CNC installed) —
2,750 lbs. 3,250 lbs.


Stock number:
3KVA/7.5 amps 3KVA/7
Working surface 9" x 42" 9” x 50"
Motor 3 HP
Travels (X, Y, And Z) 25" (with CNC installed) —
Net weight:
2,750 lbs. 3,250 lbs.
Ram travel:
11" 12"
Head swivel:
Knee travel:
Wiring voltage:
— 220/440v, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Quill feed (ipr):
0.0015”, 0.003”, 0.006"
Meehanite casting:
Highest Grade Of Casting Possible.
Iso 9002 certified:
Quality Up To World Industry Standards.
Speed (vari-speed):
60-4,500 RPM
Dimensions & weight:
Floor area (w x d x h) 7’ x 6.5’ x 6.75’ 101" x 64" x 84"
T-slot number, size:
3, 5/8"
Table travel; x-axis:
— 32” (with CNC Installed)
Head tilt (lt. to rt):
45° —
Oil groove are milled:
For Maximum Lubrication On All Wear Areas.
Quill travel (z-axis):
— 5"
Saddle travel; y-axis:
— 11"
Total power consumptions:
220V 3KVA/15 amps 3KVA/15 amps
One shot lubrication system:
For Lubrication Of Ways And Lead Screws.
Spindle to column (min-max):
6 3/4" - 18 1/2"
Head tilt up-and-down (each way):
Spindle to nose to table (min-max):
2 1/8” - 18"
Subcategory 2:
Vertical knee type


ITEM: 9" x 42"- 50" CNC Vertical Knee Mills with AcuRite 3-Axis 3500i Control
MODEL: LMV/3500i / LMV-50/3500i
Product Features
CNC control by Acu-Rite and FAGOR for 2 axes and 3 axes. The 3rd axis is on the quill. Conversational programming allow easy operation of the machine without using G code
ISO 9002 Certified: Quality Up To World Industry Standards
Meehanite Casting: Highest Grade Of Casting Possible
A Pair Of High Out-Put Fans: Keeps Head And 3-Hp Motor Cool, To Run Jobs For Extended Periods Without Damaging The Motor, Belts And Bearing
A Pair Of Precision ABEC-7 Angular Contact Bearings To Support Spindle. The Quill Is Ground And Chromed To Fit The Housing: This Insures A Spindle Runout Of .0002” T.I.R
Motor Shaft And Varidrive Pulleys Are Dynamically Balanced, Then Chromed For A Flawless Fit, Ground Ribs On Inside Diameter: For Smooth Speed Changes
Motor Shaft Has An Oil Channel In The Center That Is Fed By A Grease Fitting On The Lower End: To Keep Vari-Drive Pulley Moving Smoothly On The Shaft
This LMV-50 Mill Uses A Roller Bearing For The Lower Support Of The Shaft: It Ensures Proper Loading, Support And Alignment It Also Prevents The Shaft From Being Distorted By The Tension Of The Belt: For Quiet, Accurate Operation At Any Speed For Years And Years
One Shot Lubrication System: For Lubrication Of Ways And Lead Screws
(X,Y And Z-Axis)
Hand Scraped Saddle And Knee: For Better Oil Retention. It Avoids Having Chips And Dirt Embed In The Knee And Damage The Sliding Surface
Oil Groove Are Milled: For Maximum Lubrication On All Wear Areas
Table And Saddle Backlash Is Controlled By Double Nut Design: Keeps Lead Screw In Contact With Bronze Nuts An All Times To Keep Backlash At .0008” Within 20”
Table And Saddle Are Mounted With Thrust Bearings That Are Pre Loaded: Eliminating Endplay For Precisely Controlled Lateral Movement
Patient Knuckle Design Uses 6 Bolt 3 Per Side, Securing Them From The Outside:This Method Locks The Head Securely Resulting In Better Accuracy And Performance
Ways Are Hard Chrome Dovetail On Saddle And Column
"Bridgeport-type" mill
AcuRite 3 Axis 3500i control
Hard-Crome Ways
Rubber Way Covers, Front and Rear
Automatic Lube System
Tool Kit includes
Machine Manual, Half Nut Wrench, Wrench 17m, 19m, Set of 6 Allen wrenches, Phillip screw driver, Oil can, Grease Gun, Rear way cover bracket, Pin for indicator, Can of paint
Remote Start/Stop Switch
Remote Manual Handwheel
Acu-rite Electrical Edge Finder
Acurite D.R.O. System on Knee
DRO System Installation Charge
6” “Kurt” Vise with Swivel Base
Drill Chuck & Drill Arbor
Coolant System with Chip Pan At Base
“Maxi-Torque Rite” Power Draw Bar
Factory Installation Charge – PDB, Each
Clamping Kit (52 pcs/steel rack)
Halogen Work light