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SHARP KMA-5 87" x 20"
Port Orange, FL, USA
Table Travel (X) 78.74”
26,000 lbs.


Stock number:
Table Working Area 106.3 x 29.5"
For Spindle 15 HP
Table Travel (X) 78.74”
Feed rate:
Rapid traverse (X,Y) 122 IPM
Machine Height 115"
Feeds (x,y):
No. of feeds:
No Steps
Spindle head:
Spindle Nose ISO R297 No. 50
Spindle speeds:
No step
Feed for z axis:
1.75 HP
Feeds (vertical):
11.81 IPM
For coolant pump:
1/6 HP
Table travel (y):
Oversized spindle:
For heavy-duty cutting
Table top to floor:
Floor space (l x w):
224.2" x 121"
For lubrication pump:
4.7 HP
Net weight (approx.):
26,000 lbs.
Built-in coolant tank:
Located at the base of machine to save space
Spindle head travel (z):
Horizontal spindle taper:
45 - 1,500 variable RPM
Spindle center to column:
T-slot (w x no. x pitch):
0.7”x 5 x 5.9”
Spindle nose to table top:
2.75" - 30.3"
Feed for x/y axis servo motor:
4.7 HP
Subcategory 2:


ITEM: 87" x 20" Vertical Bed Mill
Product Features
Heavy duty vertical bed mill equipped with geared head spindle and massive hardened and ground bed ways for heavy milling
Boring Capability: The full length travel of the vertical head (20” on Model KMA-1, 21.5” on KMA-2, and 30” on KMA-3) along with 6 different feeds (0.002 – 0.008 inch per revolution) offer capability for precise boring operation
Electro-Magnetic Spindle Control: The spindle is equipped with electric power brake for instant clamping of spindle. It also has forward/reverse switch for tapping operation, and spindle jog motion for proper tool holder engagement
Hardened and Ground Gears: The gearbox inside the spindle head and the table feed mechanism utilize hardened and ground gears for long lasting wear. The spindle head gearbox is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. The table feed gearbox has an oil splash system for lubrication
Pendant Style Operation Panel: The pendant control panel allows easy operation of all power driven mechanism, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic. It has a toggle style control for 4-way feed and rapid traverse of the table
Auto Lube Table and Saddle Ways: The slideways upon which the saddle and table travel, are automatically lubricated when the machine is turned on
Hardened and Ground Boxways: The C frame construction offers the best machining capability for heavy milling and boring applications. By using hardened and ground double box ways in the Z axis, significant rigidity is given to the cutting head. The saddle is also mounted on two massive hardened and ground body ways for maximum stability during heavy cutting
Honey Combed Ribbing: The vertical column is made out of box-shaped, high quality, gray iron castings. It is reinforced with honeycombed ribbing, instead of the usual rectangular ribbing, which is 70% more effective in dampening vibration and sustaining mechanical and thermal stability
Table and Saddle: High quality castings used on the table and saddle are stressed relieved to avoid any slight distortion in the future and the sliding surfaces are hand scraped to ensure full bearing support and to achieve high accuracy in machining. All top, front, rear reference surfaces and T slots are precision ground to exact tolerances
Adjustable Backlash Eliminator: A double-nut construction eliminates backlash between the nut and the lead screw that drives the table. This allows accurate movement of the work piece during machining. As time goes, there will be wearing on the nut creating backlash, the double nuts can be adjusted to take out the additional backlash. Precisely milled oil groves on top of the saddle ensured adequate lubrication between the table and the saddle
Unique Sliding Saddle Base Design: To allow easy access to the work piece for inspection or positioning, the entire saddle base can slide in and out from the operator manually or by power feed. This feature is particularly convenient consideri