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DD 3X8 / DD 3X8 CA / DD 3X8 CAW / DD 3X8 HS


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DD 3X8


3' x 8' Downdraft Tables
The DD 3'x8' downdraft table offers an automatic reverse pulse self cleaning system which will reduce maintenance and replacement filter cost. The system works by blowing compressed air through the filter in the reverse direction, dislodging smoke and dust from the filter. The solid pollutants are then collected in the dust drawer and must be emptied periodically. The self cleaning system is automatically activated each time the table is turned off. This downdraft table is suitable for collection of smoke and dust and comes complete with motor.
Diversi-Tech Downdraft tables can be equipped with built-in articulating capture arms. This arm provides the user with ventilation for items that may be too large or too heavy to place on the table. Included with the arm is a sliding gate to divert air as needed. Adding an arm gives you all the benefits of a downdraft table along with all the versatility of a portable weld/fume system at a fraction of the cost.