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CLAUSING 8" x 18" Precision
Port Orange, FL, USA
Grinding Length:
19" (480mm)
2,657 lbs


Stock number:
1.25" (31.75mm)
.5" (12.7mm) max .75"(19mm)
Net weight:
2,657 lbs
Table size:
8" x 18" (203 x 460mm)
Gross weight:
3,031 lbs
Power rating:
2 HP
Step feed (jog):
.00004" (0.001mm)
Rapid travel approx:
10" (250mm)/min
Rated power, approx:
3 Hp (1.5 kw)
Slow travel, approx:
.236" (6mm)/min
Max. travel (manual):
20" (510mm)
Minimum display value:
.00004" (.001mm)
Grinding spindle drive:
Speed (rpm) 3,450
Standard grinding wheel:
Diameter 8" (203mm)
Handwheel per graduation:
0.0008" (.02mm)
Handwheel per revolution:
0.2" (5mm)
Auto constant feeding speed:
.79"-12.6" (20-320mm)/min.
Crossfeed transverse travel:
Auto transverse increment .04" - .4" (1-10mm)
Max. auto transverse travel:
9.25" (235mm)
Wheelhead vertical downfeed:
Automatic infeed .00005" - .0025" (0.001 - 0.05mm)
Standard magnetic chuck size:
8" x 18" (200 x 450mm)
Total space required (lxwxh):
71" x 50.6" x 66"
Max. manual transverse travel:
9.84" (250mm)
Crossfeed motor (power rating):
Elevating motor (power rating):
Hydraulic motor (power rating):
1 Hp (1.5kw)
Longitudinal movement of table:
Max. travel (hydraulic) 19" (480mm)
Packing dimensions (l x w x h):
75" x 56" x 76"
Max. grinding width (crosswise):
9" (228mm)
Table speed infinitely variable:
196" - 984"/min. (5-25m/min.)
Max. grinding length (longitudinal):
19" (480mm)
Max. distance from table surface to spindle centerline (standard column):
18" (460mm)
Subcategory 2:
Surface -


ITEM: 8" x 18" Precision ASDIII Automatic Surface Grinder
Product Features
On ASDlll models, you can set the vertical zero point, start point, finish grinding volume, target point and the grinding wheel rise-up point
The machine features a simple and clear digital display & touch control panel for easy learning and operation
Vertical feed powered by dual motors, AC motor for rapid up / down and stepping motor for micro downfeed positioning, slow auto downfeed and slow up / down
Vertical positioning is displayed on the screen showing present spindle and setting the start point,rough grinding volume, finish grinding volume, downfeed volume for finish grinding, target point, rise up point, intermittent spark-out
Cross transverse travel powered by DC servo motor, allows step feed and continuous infeed grinding
The speed of wheel dressing can be adjusted on the control panel
Wide, deep base and honeycomb ribbed column on 10, 12, 16 & 20 series, designed for heavy-duty grinding
High quality, ribbed, cast iron table, saddle and base
All slideways and screws are fully oiled by an automatic continuous lubrication system to minimize wear on slideways & screws
High Grade Anti-Wear Slideways... The saddle rides on precision, hand-scraped double V ways, and the table rides on precision hand-scraped V and flat ways coated with "TURCITE-B"
Precision spindle cartridge, supported by preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings and one NN type roller bearing on 618 & 818 models
Presettable hydraulic table speed control allows operator to pre-set speed rate, so you can have the same speed rate every time the hydraulic table is engaged (10, 12, 16 series)
Ballscrew for cross travel, powered by DC servo motor
*ADSlll models have no elevating handwheel but jog buttons per revolution or graduations
Diamond Dresser
Auto Lubrication System
Wheel Flange
Grinding Wheel
Balancing Arbor
Wheel Extracting Screw & Nut
Leveling Screws with Blocks
Touch-up Paint
Tool Box and Tools
Chuck control on all models except on 618 & 818 manual and 2A/3A hydraulic models
Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Electro Magnetic Chuck
Inclinable Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Chuck Control with Demagnetizer
Coolant System
Coolant System with Magnetic Separator
Dust Collector
Coolant and Dust Unit
Coolant System with Manual Paper Feeding
Auto Paper Feeding Device with Magnetic Separator
Splash Guard
Full Guarding Splash Guard (10/12/16 Series)
Manual Parallel Dressing Attachment
Electric Parallel Dressing Attachment
Adjustable Speed Rotary Magnetic Chuck
Dynamic Balancer
Punch Former
Digital Readout
Spare Wheel Flange
Halogen Work Light
Balancing Stand (Double Line)
Roller Type Balancing Stand
Micro Crossfeed for 616/818 Series
Micro Crossfeed for 10/12/16 Series
Mirco Down Feed for 10/12/16 Series
Manual Pulse Generator for ASDlll Series
Precision Vice
Frequency Changer
Swivel Wheel Guard
Concave/Convex Forming Dresser