Port Orange, FL, USA
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DCSS-40 / DCSS-100 / DCSS-150 / DCSS-200 / DCSS-250 / DCSS-300 / DCSS-400 / DCSS-500 / DCSS-600


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40 - 600 Ton DCSS Straight Side Presses
Standard Industrial is 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.
Built similarly to the DC style press, the DCSS takes yet another step toward providing the most frame strength available on any press on the market.  The DCSS has
enclosed end frames in lieu of the gap therefore allowing the least amount of deflection and the most rigidity.  The operator can still however have material or die pass through with windows located in the end frames.
Built with the same hydraulic system and solid welded construction as the DC, the DCSS gives you another layer of strength for even the most punishing applications.  Typically the bed and ram would stay within the frames, but optionally you can order the DCSS with ram and/or bed extensions to extend beyond the frames to give you even more die area.