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6.5' (78") x 90 Ton
Port Orange, FL, USA
Baileigh press brakes
BP-9078 CNC


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BP-9078 CNC
Cnc brakes


6.5' (78") x 90 Ton CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake
Baileigh’s BP-9078 CNC hydraulic sheet metal press brake is a very rigid 2 axis machine with a heavy frame that is made up of electro welded plate steel.  The top beam travels up and down using several 3 axis bearings coupled to a hardened rail system.  Hydraulic cylinders are controlled by mechanical stops inside the cylinders assuring accurate angle of bend at all times.  An encoder system indicates the exact position of the top beam and adjustments are made on the Delem controller to a servo motor.  We use a unique parallel mechanism that provides forced synchronized motions so the top die is parallel to the bottom.  The 90 tons of hydraulic pressure can be measured and regulated depending on the application. The back gauge on this hydraulic press brake is controlled by the Delem controller to a servo motor with an encoder for accurate positioning.