Port Orange, FL, USA
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100 - 500 Ton Straight Side Presses
Standard Industrial is 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.
The model AM straight side press is perfect for full length forming at full tonnage as well as left to right and off-center loading at full tonnage via our extremely heavy duty gibbing system and enclosed end frame design. The model AM also allows front to back off-center loading within +,- 6" of the centerline of the bed. If off-center loading is required the entire front to back width of the bed then the model CM press should be considered. Contact the factory for details on the differences in these presses.
The model AM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area than the smaller bed DCSS presses however has a smaller price tag than the extremely heavy duty CM style presses.