Port Orange, FL, USA


4" x 4" x .393" Double Pinch Profile Bender
If you need to roll 4-1/2” schedule 40 pipe, then the R-H120E is for you.  This is the economical version of the popular R-H120 double pinch profile bender.   It features a heavy duty steel plate frame that is bolted and welded to ensure no flex when bending at full capacity.  This ring roller can be operated in the vertical and horizontal position depending on what OD and size material needs to be rolled.  A movable operator control pendant houses all control buttons including the digital readout for the roll positions and foot pedals for direction of operation.
Since the R-H120E is a double pinch style machine, the operator can pre-bend and post bend the material which saves valuable production time, material, and allows for tight rolling by eliminating the wasted length of straight associated with most roll benders.  Pre and post bending is accomplished by two hydraulic cylinders connected to the bottom two rolls.