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BAILEIGH R-H170DP 6" (sch. 40)
Port Orange, FL, USA
21,280 lbs.


Stock number:
29.5 HP
I-beam (1):
HEA180 DIA. 44”
I-beam (2):
HEB120 DIA. 110”
Bend system:
Independent double pinch
Lower shaft:
Solid round:
4" DIA. 40"
Square tube:
4.7" (.315")
T-shape (1):
6" (.50) DIA. 48"
T-shape (2):
5" (.60") DIA. 52"
Solid square:
3.5" DIA. 58"
C-channel (1):
UPN300 DIA. 44”
C-channel (2):
UPN300 DIA. 44”
Angle easy way:
6” (.50") DIA. 40"
Angle hard way:
5" (.60) DIA. 48"
Rect. easy way:
8" X 2” (.375") DIA. 80”
Rect. hard way:
5" X 3” (.25”) DIA. 98"
Shaft diameter:
Upper shaft 7.48”
Section modulus:
7 inch3
Shipping weight:
21,280 lbs.
Flat bar easy way:
9.75” (1.5") DIA. 40"
Flat bar hard way:
5.875"(1.375”) DIA. 60"
Shipping dimensions (l/w/h):
94.5" / 146" / 69"


ITEM: 6" (sch. 40) Heavy Duty Roll Bending Machine
Product Features
Our first step into fully horizontal Heavy Duty Section Benders. The R-H170DP has the capacity of bending up to massive 6” schedule 40 mild steel pipe. With independently controlled lateral guide rolls and lower bending rolls this machine offers flexibility you will only find in a Baileigh Industrial machine. The R-H170 provides digital readouts at the user’s fingertips for every controlled element of the machine which makes the programming of single radius bends virtually effortless. This unit is constructed with the highest grade solid steel frame and is only available through Baileigh Industrial. With an upper shaft diameter just under 7.5” why settle for anything less
We here at Baileigh Industrial never sacrifice Quality for pricing and each unit is manufactured using the highest grade components on the market. We offer completely engineered solutions from the smallest metal cutting saw to fully integrated CNC turnkey packages. If there is a need in your shop please call us today to see what we can do to meet it. Our knowledgeable sales staff is standing by to take your call
Complete Solid Steel Construction - fully hydraulic three roll section bending machine by means of orbital bending movement in the horizontal position
3 Hydraulically Driven Rolls - high torque planetary gearbox with 3 hydraulic motors
Independent Hydraulic Adjustable bending rolls- Dual adjustable bending rolls for reduced straight edge (pre-bending & post bending) for complex sections/profiles
Automatic Peripheral Speed Compensation (power not scarified)
Hydraulic Lateral Guiding Rolls UP-DOWN to compensate and increase accuracy by means of counter bending during the normal bending process; controlled from the console
Hydraulic Horizontal Guiding Rolls IN-OUT enabling proper positioning for sections that require pitch/twist control according to their shape and dimensions (angle iron); controlled directly from user console
Rotation Rolls L.E.D. Readouts electronic digital display mounted on the console measuring roll rotation and material feed length
Bending Rolls L.E.D. Readouts two electronic digital displays mounted on the operators console indicating position of left and right bending roll (X & Y axis). Stop Position is programmable
Control Panel Displaying and controlling of all machine functions
3 Hardened universal Standard Rolls adjustable bending rolls which are interchangeable to allow the operator the ability to bend material profiles such as; Flat bar; angle iron; T-shaped material, solid sections, C-channel , and much more
Variable Speed rolling for low speeds for the most delicate situations and high speeds for high productions runs
Special Rolls dedicated custom tooling for superior bending of special complex profiles and extrusions
Hydraulic Guide Rolls Digital Read Out digital readouts of both lateral guide roll positions
Hydraulic Pul