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4" (sch. 40) BAILEIGH CNC
Port Orange, FL, USA


4" (sch. 40) CNC Roll Bender
With bending capabilities far beyond the norm, this CNC roll bender is Ideal for structural applications, playground manufactures, shipyard builders, etc that want high production with minimal waste.   The R-CNC120 computer controlled roll bender from Baileigh Industrial can bend up to 4.75” tube and has the ability to bend multiple radii on a single section.  Working together with a hand held calibration device and cutting edge CNC technology the R-CNC120 is capable of automatically producing a desired radius on its own.  Unlike other CNC roll benders, the integrated software on the Baileigh Industrial line of CNC profile benders is extremely intuitive and easy to operate and program.  The programming of the R-CNC120 is done through the use of its touch screen operator pedestal.