Port Orange, FL, USA


5" (sch. 40) CNC Roll Bender
The largest in its class the R-CNC150 roll bender is capable of bending up to 5” Schedule 40 Pipe. This pyramid style bending machine will enable the operator to create material calibrations for easy programming of multi-radius parts. With four position interchangeable bottom rolls the R-CNC150 provides increased control and flexibility when bending complex extrusions for the Window and Door Industry. This feature helps to decrease the ovality when bending round tube in the furthest position while also allowing for a decrease in Minimum radius when using the machine in its closest setting.
Multiple speeds on both X and Y axis provide the user with the ability to create elaborate shapes with smooth transitions between segments and with the standard photocell lens each part will begin and end at the same place each time. Designed to work in either the horizontal or vertical position this machine offers the ultimate in control.