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2.5" (sch. 40) BAILEIGH Roll
Port Orange, FL, USA


2.5" (sch. 40) Roll Bender
The R-CNC55 roll bender from Baileigh Industrial will allow your shop to make more money with less scrap.  Simply input the desired radii of the finished product load the material and voila out comes the finished product.  This cnc roll bender has three driven rolls and can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position.  The setup of the R-CNC55 roll bender is very easy, because of its integrated software.  The software was designed especially for CNC roll bending applications, so it is extremely intuitive and easy to operate and program through the use of its touch screen operator pedestal.  The top roll is adjusted hydraulically and the bottom rolls have a unique mechanical side to side adjustment for less “length of straight” at the beginning and end of the bend.