2015 ATH Heinl ATH M32,

2015 ATH Heinl ATH M32, ATH A30, ATH W42 wheel balancer & tire changer set3 in Erkrath, Germany

Erkrath, Germany
$3,651 USD
ATH Heinl
ATH M32, ATH A30, ATH W42




Comfortable tire fitting and comfortable thanks to Hilfsmontagearm Balancing with the proven ATH 2D technology. High quality from years of experience. topp- tire changer ATH M32 with auxiliary arm Inner clamping range 14-26 "clamping area outside 12 - 22" rim width 4 - 13 "wheel diameter max 980 mm Abdrückbereich 75 -. 335 mm bead breaker 2800 kg Mounting speeds 7 U / min Working pressure 8-12 bar Drive power 0.75 kW drive voltage (electric) (3) 400/50 V / Hz Dimensions machine (W x D x H) 1150 x 950 x 1000 mm Noise 70 dB (A) Weight 210 kg wheel balancer ATH W22 2D function, automatic recovery of separating distance and wheel diameter center hole diameter rim max. 44 - 133 mm measuring speed 180 rev / min measuring time 7 s measurement tolerance +/- 1.0 g DISPLAY (LED, LCD, TFT) LED rim width max 1.5 -. 20 "rim diameter max. 12-24 "wheel diameter max 900 mm max wheel weight 65 kg Electrical connection 230/50 V / Hz Motor power 0.25 kW Weight 118 kg Dimensions machine (W x D x H) 1300 x 1700 x 1150mm
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