Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
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Weremczuk FMR
Samojezdny kombajn do marchwi, buraków czerwonych MAXIMUS




The MAXIMUS combine harvester from WEREMCZUK is a self-propelled multi-row root vegetable harvester (carrot, parsley, celery, beetroot, parsnips), designed for high productivity, which guarantees high harvesting efficiency, comfort and comfort through a new muted cab. Equipped with the eco-friendly and economical PERKINS engine.
Benefits and advantages of the MAXIMUS combine
- Robust construction - carefully selected materials and components; Adapted to work in different conditions
- Adjustable front wheel depending on the spacing of the ridge
- Excellent harvesting quality - Precise tipping mechanism, no damage
- Effective root cleaning - cleaning conveyors directly under each of the tipping heads
- 3-axis rotary main transporter with the option of slipping into a trailer by the side or hooked back to the harvester
- Independent work and control of each harvesting unit
- Automatic belt speed synchronization with speed
- Ergonomic control system with basic harvester operating parameters
- Comfortable machine control thanks to the spacious cabin with panoramic glass
- Excellent visibility for the picking unit, the tipping head and the transporter
- A video camera system showing, among other things, a back-up camera image and a trailer-loading and refilling unit
- Additional control of the shuttle conveyor pilot
Choosing the MAXIMUS harvester you are sure of the originality of the product and the components used. Many years of experience, qualified staff and a modern production facility make it possible to create more efficient and reliable machines. This is also possible due to the quality of design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services such as quick access to genuine spare parts and efficient service.
Other models of combine harvesters for carrots and other root vegetables are also offered. Details at