flexible conveyor track - 3,3
Krefeld, Germany
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Roll conveyors


Scissors roller conveyor - Plastic - (HxWxL) x 500 x mm Flexible roller conveyor ideal for rooms where things get cramped or no fixed conveyor lines can be installed. These conveyors are the ideal aid for example, Packets, cartons or boxes of euro fixed conveyors or deposits to be loaded into trucks or other means of transport. Save time and protect the health of your employees that can flexibly tracking up to the place of loading and during loading the transport path at the required level. To bring the cargo effort- lessly and gentle to the desired loading position even within a truck. Wide range of applications also for short-term or temporary changes to existing conveyors roller conveyors are the perfect tool to easily and quickly respond to changing requirements. The high flexibility allows routing with tight bends or S-curves. The ball-bearing rollers provide for a very smooth and quiet running. Since the web is provided on all wheels with brakes, it is possible from any position, the runway to stop quickly and safely so that accidental displacement is prevented. By independently adjustable telescopic legs a horizontal orientation on sloping or level surfaces is possible. [...Technical data truncated]