2007 KVAL COMMANDER DI CNC DOOR SYSTEM [DM-010518] in United States

United States
$228,000 USD


Since new, the System ran (1,965) Doors and operated a total of (1,092) Hours (as of 3.23.2010)!
Condition info:
(6-8) Very good condition [8]
Current status:
110 & 230-VOLT 1 & 3 PHASE
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KVAL Commander-di CNC Door System.The Commander-di is the latest CNC development in Prehang Machinery. The machine has been designed to machine doors only, or doors with jambs, for hinges and cylinder locks.

-- General Specifications: Commander-di will accommodate either flush or raised moulding doors with protrusions up to 7/8" high on one or both sides.

-- Raised moldings must be a minimum of 4-1/4" from the lock and hinge sides of the door; Commander-di will also machine jambs that vary in thickness from 11/16" to 1-1/16", at the same time as the door, or it can be used to machine jambs only.

-- The jamb support bracket setups are non-CNC controlled, and are moved manually by the operator. The setups can be done quickly and easily by the machine operator.

-- Jamb width varies from 3-1/2" - 7-1/4" when the jambs are attached to the door with hinges. Wider jambs can be machined along with the door and attached after the door has been fed out of the Commander-di.

-- Hinge sizes of 3-1/2" x 3-1/2", and 4" x 4", can be attached while the door and jamb are clamped in the machine. The door & jamb may also be machined for 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" hinges; however, the hinges can be attached only to the door or jamb while they are clamped in the machine.

-- NOTE: If pilot hole drilling for the hinge screws is required for this machining setup, drill gearbox option "A-3" is required. If machining for 4-1/2" x 4-1/2 and attaching the hinge to the door and jamb while clamped in the machine is required, option "HA" is required to revise the jamb supports and allow for the increased space between the door and jamb.

-- The Commander-di is also equipped with a computer controlled pre-drill system, which uses manually installed drill gearboxes complete with air motors and chucks, to drill pilot holes for the hinge screws. Each drill gearbox is also equipped with locating brackets and mounting base to allow for quick change from one drilling pattern to another.

-- The pilot hole drill gearboxes can be purchased (sold separately) from KVAL and are made to match the screw hole pattern for each type of hinge. Pilot hole drill gearboxes for 3-1/2' x 3-1/2', 4" x 4", 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" full or half hinges are listed available.

-- Programming & CNC Control: Commander-di uses a flat screen panel connected to a Pentium processor utilizing a Windows based operating system. The KVAL developed software will graphically depict an image of a door with hinges.

-- Pre-programmed door files or recipes are accessed with mouse and keyboard which are included by touching the on-screen drop-down list, and then touching the appropriate file name. Depending on the selected file, a graphic image of the door changes the hand, number of hinges and locks, along with a list of parameters along the right side of the screen.

-- Because the System is PC based, there is virtually no limit to the number of different patterns that can be stored for future use. For those who prefer template creat