DURMA RP 6 Stamping and
Kottingbrunn, Austria
$169,955 USD
RP 6
11,6 t


Stock number:
Sheet width:
1.250 mm mm
Plate length:
2.000 mm + N mm
Plate thickness:
6 mm
Total power requirement:
11 kW
Weight of the machine ca:
11,6 t
Dimensions of the machine ca:
3,45 x 5 x 1,93 m
Machine Tools equipment in Austria


sheet width:1.250 mm mm
plate length:2.000 mm + N mm
plate thickness:6 mm
total power requirement:11 kW
weight of the machine ca.:11,6 t
dimensions of the machine ca.:3,45 x 5 x 1,93 m
- CNC graphic-control SIEMENS 840DSL: The system software has a varied range of functions from the planning stage up to the punch process. All the drafts which are produced with the integrated CAD/CAM application or imported in the format DXF, IGES, DWG will be able to process. functions of the software: - minimizing of tool changes - repositoning of the clamps - optimizing the tool path simulation etc. - programming direct on the machine - PC-software tool managment - turnable multitool with 6 stations and 6 standard cutting tools - infrared light curtain - brush table - automatic lubrication - repositioning punching force: 300 kN working area: 2.000+N x 1.250 mm maximum thickness: 6 mm (420 N/mm²) speed Y-axis: 50 m/min speed X-Achse: 60 m/min lateral speed X/Y axes: 75 m/min speed C-axis (Index): 40 U/min max. number of strokes: 1 mm pitch, 1 mm thickness: 600 H/min 25 mm pitch, 1 mm thickness: 280 H/min max. strokes, marking: 900 H/min positioning accuracy: +/- 0,1 working height: 980 mm motor: 11 kW max. weight of sheet: 100 kg