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DURMA PBF 30200 3 Achsen
Kottingbrunn, Austria
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Durma press brakes
PBF 30200 3 Achsen CNC


Stock number:
200 t
Subcategory 2:
Pressbrakes 200-299t pressure
Subcategory 3:
Hydr. pressbrake
Chamfer lenght:
3050 mm
Total power requirement:
15 kW
Distance between columns:
2550 mm
Weight of the machine ca:
7,95 t
Dimensions of the machine ca:


total power requirement:15 kW
pressure:200 t
:250 mm
distance between columns:2550 mm
chamfer lenght:3050 mm
dimensions of the machine ca.: m
:445 mm
weight of the machine ca.:7,95 t
:CNC Y1, Y2, X und R aber manuell
:ja Zentralverstellbar über Handkurbel mm
Technical Data bending length: 3.050 mm bending force: 200 to axis: 3 (Y1, Y2, X) upper tool: yes lower tool: yes anti deflection: manual, central adjustable back gauge: CNC controlled (X-axis) motor power: 15 kW distance between columns: 2.550 mm daylight: 445 mm table width: 104 mm table height: 858 mm throat depth: 250 mm travel of back gauge (X): 620 mm oiltank: 150 lt length: 4.500 mm width: 1.390 mm height: 2.520 mm weight: 7.950 kg Equipment 3 axes (Y1, Y2, and X axis) CNC control CNC Advantage easy numerical programming "Easy" function for single bends without programming easy to follow bending steps punch and die in memory correction possibility USB interface grafic visualisation of the product CNC controlled back gauge with linear guide and ball screw spindles manual, centralized adjustable crowning table intermediate clamps for upper tool upper tool P.97.75.R08, max. 100to/m, H=67,6mm, 75°, R=0,8mm, sectioned, bending radius hardened and ground die holder for 60 mm dies die type M. mm) 85°, max. 80 to/m, sectioned, bending radii hardened and ground die V 100, 6x515 mm laser safety device Fiessler AKAS mounted on the upper beam protection covers on the sides and back side according to CE rules We have more than 520 references