Magdeburg, Germany
Bocian 225 Heuwender Wender Schwadwender Schwader NEU


Working width:
2.25 m
Tractor mounted:
Mounted rotary tedder


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New device!
Talex Bocian 225 with working width of 225cm
Also available with a working width of 170cm.
TALEX's novelty is represented by the innovative swather BOCIAN
Machine is particularly suitable for farms specialized in animal husbandry. By means of a high - rotation
Shaft, which is equipped with special 7 mm thick springs, the processed material is raised, broken and aerated and thus has a low moisture content. At the same time, the material to be processed is positioned by means of adjustable outlet flaps on any swath width. The BOCIAN is the best choice
During the preparation of the feed for silage bales, for forage harvesters and self-collecting chargers. Its versatility is particularly appealing to farms that focus on the straw harvest
Of cereal production.
The working efficiency of the BOCIAN is 4-6 ha / h. Depending on the amount of feed and the working width of the machine.
Our highly efficient swather BOCIAN was designed to
Green fodder and hay so that they become a complete food for breeding animals. In addition, BOCIAN is helping to significantly reduce the time required for the livestock farmers.
The swather BOCIAN was made by farmers from Scandinavia
And the UK, and has proved to be a practical and efficient device that has met the needs and requirements of the leading dairy producers.
FAST DRYING By lifting, ventilating and breaking the
The BOCIAN even cuts the total drying time of the feed by half. The acceleration of the drying time, in turn, reduces the loss of nutrients, which enables the production of nutritious feed. A "damaged"
Schwad can be "repaired" with the swather BOCIAN very simply.
LESS WORK MOVEMENT Less work required to process the swath: Scattering and reassembling the swath can be combined, saving you time and money. The BOCIAN will do this work in a simple or a double journey as required - turning and swiveling of the feed will take place at the same time.
LESS FOOD POLLUTION By combining the
Feed between the outlet flaps, the feed contamination is reduced. The material to be conveyed is deposited directly in a uniform swath without being dispersed again. The soiling of the feed by soil elements and rock can thus be almost completely eliminated.
ULTIMATE SWAD After drying, ventilating and breaking through, the chuck remains in uniform swaths, the width of which can be adjusted by the adjustable outlet flaps.
The width of the swath can thus simply be adapted to the width of a press, a field chopper or a loading wagon.
ENVIRONMENT With the BOCIAN, a feed material of very high quality is used
They are able to avoid moisture in the environment, thus avoiding the environmentally harmful acid discharge in the silage and storage process.
• Powerful but simple construction; Easy in the
Daily use.
• Through the use of high-quality components, BOCIAN proves itself to be a reliable and long-lasting one