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John B. ADT Co. Rotary
Painesville, OH




one(1) used John B. Adt Co. Dryer.
last used on tobacco)
60" diameter tube x 21.5' long.
Tube is heated by (4) 18' long stainless steel dimpled steam plates.
The dimpled plates are feed with 3/4" pipes through revolving manifold
Heating system is rated for 125 psi.
Each of the 4 plates has 84 sq ft for a total of 336 sq ft of total.
The dimpled heating plates also serve as flites for product agit.
Overall dimensions 28'8" x 6'4" x 12'3" high.
There is a decline of 11" from infeed to discharge.
Two sets of trunions and driven by a 5 hp motor.
The infeed side is supplied with a warm air flor from steam supplied
air heater and fan located below the dryer.
The discharge side has an exhaust hood on top with 10" dia. outlet.