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Vaclift CVLB-MP Dedicated crane sheet vacuum lifter in United States

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New Vaclift CVLB-MP Dedicated crane
United States
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Vaclift CVLB-MP
2200lbs (1000kg)


Fully self contained battery powered supply
Full ongoing phone or email operational and technical support available from your local agent or direct from factory tech
2200lbs (1000kg)
Jib/Crane unit – Easy & safe to operate using pendant control
12 months factory warranty
Vacuum lifter


VACLIFT CVLB -MP – Jib/crane unit - Fully self contained vacuum supply and battery powered.

Dedicated crane unit for installing flat or pitch roofing panels. May also be configured for vertical wall or cool room panel installation
Fully self contained battery powered, no need for power or air from the crane
System max load capacity 2200lbs (1000kg) WLL as per pads in use.
Manual tilt with locks
Main bar length to customer specification. Available as a single bar or with slide in end extensions
2 Cross bars or to suit
Contour Vaclift pads (pads available in a selection of sizes or manufactured to suit). lifting capacity (WLL) is as per pad ratings and up to 2200lbs (1000kg)
Pads can be relocated along bar into predetermined positions or be rotated 90 degrees on bar. Our 10mm heavy duty stainless pad latches enable quick changing of pad positions
Each pad can be independently isolated
Internal vacuum storage tank plus water separator
High quality maintenance free Gell Cell rechargeable 20 amp/hour battery to give long operational life between charges. Battery indicator light, changes from green to red when main battery needs charging. Please note the Vaclift can still be used when the battery has reached the recharging level but is not yet at a level that the battery is flat.
110v/12v Fully automatic battery charger supplied, to recharge the main battery when required.
Audible and visual alarms to exceed Australian and USA standards.
Pendant control with curly cord extension cable, includes vacuum pump and 2 part operation vent switching for safety, plus additional red and green warning lights and alarms
Fold down leg to protect pads when unit is not in use
Powder coated and zinc finish.
Approx Tare weight 187lb (85 kg)
Built to Australian standards AS4991-2004 and USA standards ASME B30.20-2010
Operating instructions plus care and maintenance instructions included
Full 12 month factory warranty