2015 Hakki Pilke 1x37 Z Expert Wood splitter in Bad Bertrich, Germany

Bad Bertrich, Germany
$8,616 (USD)
Hakki pilke
1x37 Z Expert


Split length:
500 cm
Wedge shaped:
Four-way wedge
Splitting force:
7.00 t
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Wood splitter


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Hakki Pilke 37 Z EXPERT
Several thousand machines of this type are used every day by farmers, private individuals and, above all, firewood producers.
The logical advancement in addition to the HP 30 however with larger diameter.
The Hakki Pilke 37 is built on the same base as the HP 30, but has only
A gap channel and can thus be used for wood diameters up to 37 cm.
The machine also impresses with its sophisticated and sophisticated design.
The HP 30 and HP 37 models are low on maintenance and therefore very cost-effective.
The intake belt is driven by a hydraulic motor and the discharge belt is driven by a V-belt drive
Wide and stable master support with approx. 2,20 mtr. Lamigem feeding belt. Hydraulically driven.
Large and stable grating grate for optimum deposition of impurities.
Chain change made easy - When the guard is opened, the chain is changed in a few minutes or sharpened in the built-in state.
The Hakki Pilke 1x37 is equipped with a PTO drive and a conveyor belt. The loading is included with invoice and VAT.
Technical specifications
Hakki Pilke 1x37Z
Drive Type PTO shaft max. 540 rpm.
Hours per hour depending on the RM 4 - 8 master
Chainsaw 16 inches
Splitting force 7 tons
Split speed 2.8 - 4.2 seconds / split cycle
Clearance min. 180 bar
Capacity of hydraulic pump 44 liters / min.
Hydraulic oil tank 40 liters
Max. Cutting diameter 37 cm
Adjustable cutting length 20 - 60 cm
Weight with conveyor belt 610 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
At transport position approx. 2530 x 2490 x 1170 mm