Keysight N9914A in United States

Keysight N9914A in United States

United States
$28,990 (USD)


± 50 VDC
1yr mfg warranty - $432.00
>4.5 ghz:
-133 dBm
Test and Measurement
Launch date:
Auto trigger:
forces a periodic acquisition in the absence of a trigger event
Battery life:
Trace states:
Clear/write, max hold, min hold, average, view, blank
Trigger type:
Free run, video, external
Display range:
Log scale, 10 divisions, 1 to 100 dB/division in 0.01 dB steps
Trigger delay:
Range is 0 to 10 s; Resolution is 100 ns
Trigger slope:
Positive edge, negative edge
Amplitude range:
DANL to +20 dBm
Frequency range:
100 kHz to 6.5 GHz, usable to 5 kHz
Trace detectors:
Normal, positive peak, negative peak, sample, average (RMS)
2 mhz to 4.5 ghz:
-137 dBm
Average cw power:
+27 dBm, 0.5 watts
Number of traces:
Auto trigger range:
0 s (off) to 10 s
Number of averages:
1 to 10,000
Frequency resolution:
1 Hz
Amplitude scale units:
dBm, dBmV, dBµV, W, V, A, dBmA, dBµA
Frequency span, range:
0 Hz (zero span), 10 Hz to maximum frequency range
Input attenuator range:
0 to 30 dB, in 5 dB steps
Low end frequency limit:
5.00 kHz
Spur free dynamic range:
At 2.4 GHz >105 dB nominal, 2/3 (TOI-DANL) in 1 Hz RBW
Spur-free dynamic range:
>=105 dB
High end frequency limit:
6.50 GHz
Resolution bandwidth max:
5.00 MHz
Resolution bandwidth min:
10 Hz
Measurement range (>=100 khz):
DANL to +20 dBm


N9914A FieldFox Handheld RF Combination Analyzer, 6.5 GHz
List price - $40,958.00
30day - 1yr mfg warranty
Add: 1yr mfg warranty - $432.00
2yr mfg warranty - $864.00
FieldFox is equipped to handle routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting and anything in between. FieldFox delivers Keysight-quality measurements – wherever you need to go. Add FieldFox to your kit, and carry precision with you.
The microwave combination analyzer's base function is a cable and antenna analyzer. It can be configured with the following
optional capabilities: spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, power meter, vector voltmeter, interference analyzer, variable DC source, built-in GPS receiver and remote control using an iPad or iPhone.
FieldFox handheld analyzers deliver benchtop-instrument accuracy in field-test environments. Designed for harsh conditions and hard-to-reach locations, FieldFox analyzers cover satellite communications, microwave backhaul, military communications, radar systems and a wide range of additional applications.
FieldFox microwave analyzers can be configured as cable-and-antenna analyzers, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, or all-in-one combination analyzers. Each compact, 6.6-pound (3.0-kg) package is available in four frequencies: 9, 14, 18 or 26.5 GHz.
To ensure durability in harsh field environments, the completely sealed enclosure is compliant with U.S. MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 requirements. To enhance ease of use, the instrument has a vertical, or "portrait," orientation and large buttons, allowing users to easily operate the unit with their thumbs, even while wearing gloves.
FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzers provide industry-leading amplitude accuracy of ±0.5 dB at power-up, with no warm-up required, allowing field users to instantly and precisely characterize transmitter power. They can detect more signals in the band of interest with phase noise of -111 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, and measure low-level signals in the presence of high-power transmitters with spur-free dynamic range of 105 dB.
The microwave combination analyzer base function is a cable and antenna analyzer and it can be configured to include a spectrum and network analyzer. FieldFox can be ordered with additional capabilities: power meter, independent signal generator, vector voltmeter, interference analyzer, variable DC source, and built-in GPS receiver.
cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA), spectrum analyzer:
5 kHz to 4 GHz spectrum analyzer
Spur-free dynamic range: >=105 dB
Full band tracking generator
CAT: 30 kHz to 6.5 GHz; dynamic range: 100 dB; distance-to-fault, return loss, cable loss
VNA: 30 kHz to 6.5 GHz; dynamic range: 100 dB; S11, S21, S22, S12, magnitude and phase
Vector voltmeter (VVM) option
Built-in power meter option
Standard 3-year warranty
Battery life: 3.5-hours
N9914A spectrum analyzer specifications:
Frequency range: 100 kHz to 6.5 GHz, usable to 5 kHz
Frequency span, range: 0 Hz (zero span), 10 Hz to m