RAVENSBURG Head Plandrehmaschine in Wiebelsheim,
Wiebelsheim, Germany
$15,672 USD
Ravensburg lathes


Subcategory 3:
Head Plandrehmaschine
Condition info:
Used machine ready for use


1 Used capita Plandrehmaschine Make: RAVENSBURG with sliding bed main dimensions: Height of centers over bed Prism: 500 mm Faceplate diameter: 1000 mm Turning diameter above the bed prism: 1050 mm turning diameter over the bed carriage: 750 mm Maximum distance of the support against the surface plate: mm width the bend in front of the face plate: mm turning diameter in the crank: 1380 mm swing diameter in the crank: 1450 mm displacement of the support on the bed carriage: 500- 800 mm displacement of the support to the rotating part: 370 mm displacement of the upper slide: 100 mm diameter of the main spindle in the Vord. Stock: 150 mm diameter of the main spindle bore throughout: 80 mm tip cone Morse 5 speeds: 12 rpm number of the face plate from 4.2 to 190 rpm feeding amount per rotation of the paddling.. on the bed from 0.05 to 2.8 mm on the Bettschl. u Drehteil 0.04 to 2 mm of the drive motor power 15 kW revolutions of the drive motor 1500 rpm voltage 380 V machine was partly overhauled and is in good condition and ready for installation Price ex 56291 Wiebelsheim:. FP plus free loaded into containers or trucks