Freehold Township, NJ, USA
Axcelis Gemini
Plasma Asher



Dual Chamber Microwave Downstream Plasma Asher. Stand-alone system for the dry removal of photoresist compounds from silicon wafers. Process is accomplished by oxidizing the resist using high temperatures and process gases in the form of a plasma generated by microwave energy. Two process chambers significantly increase system throughput. Touchscreen user interface. Was used as downstream asher for photoresist stripping. Currently configured for 150mm wafers. Gas box with six MFC for each chamber, N2, O2, N2, H1, NH3 and Forming. System was able to select any or all of the connected gases and control the mix and flow of them into each of the process chambers. Was fully functional prior to removal from cleanroom. Refurbished Price: $89,000. As Is Price: $69,000.