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Eliog-kelvitherm TC 21 Typ: KU00/65-12-12
Borken, Germany
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TC 21 Typ: KU00/65-12-12


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Hеre we offer a Eliog-kelvitherm industrial oven curing oven TC 21. Industrial oven curing oven Application: The curing oven is suitable for heat treatment processes in which no combustible solvents are released. The curing oven is used for pre-drying of CFC-pipes. Temperature range up to max. 100 C air circulation vertically, from bottom to top circulation fan 1 piece a 5.5 kW exhaust fan 1 piece A 120 W, 20 kW heating capacity freqünzgeregelt connected load 28 kVA Rated voltage 3 x 400 V; 50 Hz; PE protection class IP 54, IP 20 (heating) noise emission & lt; 70 dB (A) mean air velocity in the chamber 0.5 ... 0.75 m / s outer wall temperature t & lt; 60 C (thermal bridges excluded), with work space 100 C and ambient temperature 20 C loading door 1 swing frame door-leaf, right-hinged access door 1 hinged door, one wing in the height divided by weight of 3100 kg Nutzraumeinrichtungen 1 bogie with 6 pieces manually extendable workpiece support Nutzraummasse ca. 6500 mm Width 1250 mm Depth 1250 mm Description of functions: transfer of heat by flowing hot air (convection). Air duct vertically, from bottom to top. Air circulation through centrifugal fan. Heating by tubular heating elements. Temperature control in the chamber, via electronic thermostat and thyristor. Balance features: resistance thermometer WO 61; 2x Pt 100; Three-wire circuit TMG d = 6 mm; 500 mm long; Accuracy Klas [...Technical data truncated]