Wixom, MI, USA
Lambda 5710/017 CMM


· acer 23 16:
9 ratio HD touchscreen monitor
Temperature range:
18 - 22 °C
Temperature gradient (in time):
1.0 °C / h
Temperature gradient (in time) 2:
2 °C / 24h


CMM Quotation Summary
Item Qty Description
1 1 DEA Lambda Type CMM
2 1 Renishaw UCC2 Control System
3 1 CMM Software
4 1 Measuring System Computer
5 1 PH10M/TP20 Probing System
6 1 Calibration Sphere
7 1 CMM Installation and Calibration to ISO-10360
8 1 CMM Operation and Software Training
9 1 Documentation
10 1 Delivery Time
11 1 Warranty
12 1 Payment Terms
13 1 Terms and Conditions
14 1 Environmental Specifications
15 1 CMM Technical Data Sheet
16 1 Options
17 1 Order Placement
Total price for machine installed and calibrated at customer site
$375,000 USD
Measuring System Description
The Italian manufactured COORD3 Gantry style of high accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine is proposed to be supplied configured to the following specification:
1.0 DEA Lambda Model CMM
· Measuring Range:
Table Range (Length-Y axis) 6350 mm
Transverse Range (Width-X axis) 4000 mm
Vertical Range (Height-Z axis) 2500 mm
· Measuring Accuracy to B89 to manufactures original specifications
· High precision air bearings to all axis with optimum bearing spreads
· Pneumatic adjustable counter-balance
· Renishaw scales
· Dual Y drive with dual readers for enhanced accuracy
2.0 Electronic Control System
The proposed CNC controlled coordinate measuring machine is supplied with a state Renishaw UCC2 Universal CMM controller with seamless integration to CMM hardware, probing and software.
· Renishaw Digital Signal Processor (DSP) CMM controller with integral digital power amplifiers and on-board CMM tuning and diagnostic tools
· Motion path blending optimization for cycle time reduction and smoother CMM motion
· System Desk 900mm x 700mm with integrated UCC controller
· Ethernet connection from CMM controller to PC. No proprietary cable connections required. PC requires no propriety connections.
· Renishaw MCU Jog Box with single joystick for 3 axis motion
Individual axis locks keys
Slow speed key
Infinite speed control
Coordinate system switching from part to machine
Part coordinate system joystick motion
Emergency stop button
7 meter cable length
3.0 Software
Includes TouchDMIS CAD
4.0 Dell Computer
· Dell OptiPlex PC System
· Windows 7 64 bit professional edition
· 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-2320 processor (6M Cache, 3.0 GHz)
· 4GB
Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
· 500BGB Hard Drive, 3.5", 7200rpm, SATA
· Intel® HD Integrated Graphics
· Keyboard and optical mouse
· Acer 23 16:9 ratio HD touchscreen monitor
5.0 Renishaw Probing System
· Renishaw PH10M quill mounted motorized 2 axis probe head
· Renishaw – TP20
· Renishaw mahogany boxed M2 styli kit comprising:
Stylus PS23R x 1 1mm diameter x 20mm
Stylus PS2R x 2 2mm diameter x 20mm
Stylus PS16R x 1 2mm diameter x 20mm
Stylus PS17R x 1
Styli PS9R x 2
Styli PS8R x 6
Styli PS1R x 2
Styli PS12R x 2
Stylus PS7R x 1
Stylus Centre SC2 x 1
Extensions SE4 x 2
Extension SE5 x 1
Stylus Knuckle SK2 x 1
Mahogany box
6.0 Calibration Sphere
25mm diameter certified calibration sphere
7.0 Installation