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TENNSMITH SBS150-16 150" X 16
McClellan Park, CA, USA
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20 Gauge (1.25mm)
10200 lbs


Stock number:
204"L x 96"W x 72"H
Bending bars:
Bending length:
150" (3800mm)
Machine weight:
10200 lbs
Working height:
34" (864mm)
Backgauge motor:
3/4 HP
Shipping weight:
10785 lbs
Bending beam motor:
3 + 3 HP
Folding beam speed:
75-Degree Per Second
Clamping beam motor:
3 HP
Clamping beam speed:
2.5" Per Second
Folding beam adjustment:
1" (25mm)
Clamping beam open height:
7" (178mm)
Backgauge depth (standard):
41" (1016mm) (EXTRA OPTION 60")
Bending capacity, stainless:
20 Gauge (1.25mm)
Bending capacity, mild steel:
16 Gauge (1.5mm)
Crowning of the folding beam:
3-Point 0"-0.030" Adjustment
Backgauge speed (.375" to 41"):
5 Seconds
Drive systems of the sbs series:
Folding beam, Clamping Beam
Folding machines


Model: SBS15016
Bending Capacity, Mild Steel: 16 Gauge (1.5mm)
Bending Capacity, Stainless: 20 Gauge (1.25mm)
Bending Length: 150" (3800mm)
Bending Bars: 1"
Backgauge Depth (Standard): 41" (1016mm) (EXTRA OPTION 60")
Clamping Beam Open height: 7" (178mm)
Folding Beam Adjustment: 1" (25mm)
Crowning of the Folding Beam: 3-Point 0"-0.030" Adjustment
Working Height: 34" (864mm)
Dimensions: 204"L x 96"W x 72"H
Machine Weight: 10200 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 10785 lbs.
Backgauge Motor: 3/4 HP
Clamping Beam Motor: 3 HP
Bending Beam Motor: 3 + 3 HP
Clamping Beam Speed: 2.5" Per Second
Folding Beam Speed: 75-Degree Per Second
Backgauge Speed (.375" TO 41"): 5 Seconds
The TENNSMITH SBS Series mechanical folding system utilizes
a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard
features for an attractive combination of high value and
solid performance.
The SBS incorporates a twin motor drive system for the
folding beam. This allows the system to be fast and
extremely accurate. Bending speeds up to 90 degrees per
second can be easily achieved. Another advantage to this
system is maintenance. Unlike with a chain drive system,
there are no adjustments needed to this system.
For maximum hemming capacity, another strong feature of the
Tennsmith SBS Series is the center drive of the clamping
system. The placement of the motor in the center of the
machine maximizes power while reducing torque loss through
the drive shaft. The benefit is a hemming capacity of 20
gauge for the SBS12614 and 22 gauge for the SBS15016.
The back gauge for the SBS Series features a twin ball screw
design. The system is fast and extremely accurate. All three
drive systems of the SBS Series: Folding beam, Clamping Beam
and Back gauge are controlled by frequency inverters, giving
the machine great accuracy.
Another noticeable feature of the SBS Series is the large 17-
inch graphical touch screen display. The larger screen
allows easy viewing of the touch screen program.
* 17 Inch Touch Screen Monitor
* Graphical Programming of Profiles
* Over 300 Standard Profiles (Included)
* Unlimited Program Storage
* Search Function of the SBS Library for Easy Profile
* Unlimited Folder Creation for Saving Individual Jobs and
Customer Profiles
* Bend Simulation of the Part
* Hemming Macros for Open, Closed, and Teardrop hems
* Radius Macro for Complex bending of different Radii
(Cornice Work etc.)
* Automatic Calculation of Radius Bends
* Selection between Bump and Wing Bending of Radius Profiles
* Parts Counter
* Inch/Metric Conversions
* Automatic Blank Calculation
* Independent Bend Composition
* Automatic Easy to follow Material Handling Instruction
Icons (Flip, Rotate, etc.)
* Easy Edit of Part Profiles
* USB Memory Drive for both the PLC and PC
* Microsoft Windows XP Platform Using Microsoft.Net
* Offline Programming (Included) for Remote Programming of
the Machine
* Bend Compensation for different material spring back and
bending bar set-up
The brains be