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BAILEIGH PT-510HD 5' X 10',
McClellan Park, CA, USA
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Servo Motor
220V / 1-phase
Depends on Plasma System Chosen
Travel speed:
315 Inches Per Minute
Shipping weight:
3380 lbs
Table dimensions:
60" x 140"
Shipping dimensions:
160" x 102" x 68"
Table load capacity:
1" Mild Steel
Plasma cutters


Model: PT-510HD
Travel Speed: 315 Inches Per Minute
Table Dimensions: 60" x 140"
Table Load Capacity: 1" Mild Steel
Capacity: Depends on Plasma System Chosen
Drive: Servo Motor
Power: 220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight: 3380 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 160" x 102" x 68"
The PT-510HD-A has the structural strength to handle 5' x
10' sheets. Automatic height detection is ideal for
production runs. It arrives fully assembled and comes with
- Runs on 220-volt single-phase power.
- Control the X, Y, and Z axis movement from the sturdy
podium with large console screen and keypad.
- Includes easy-to-learn design software that you can load
into any basic PC (more details below).
- Console offers a pre-loaded library of shapes that you
can resize and alter at the table-without a computer.
- Automatic height detection on the Z-axis makes perfect
cuts in corrugated or uneven materials.
- Panasonicr brushless servo motors, controlled by
Panasonicr servo motion controllers, drive the gantry.
- Industrial-grade gantry travel system for the X, Y & Z
axis made from extremely rigid extruded aluminum.
- Gantry can move out of the way for a full 10-foot sheet
during loading, minimizing the chance of machine damage.
- High gantry (one of the highest in the industry) lets
you clearly see its movement for better adjustment and
- Axes ride on heavy-duty ground and polished square
- Wiper dies on shafts keep welding dust out of the slide
for a smooth transfer without noisy friction caused by dirt
- Our design reduces the risk of damaging the table while
loading or pinching your forklift-unlike competing plasma
tables with recessed work areas.
- Weigh an impressive 3520 lbs.
- Fully-welded boxed tubing construction can easily
support the weight of maximum capacity material.
- Steel framework will hold its shape and stay accurate
for decades, unlike many competitors' aluminum frames, which
buckle and warp under heat.
- Pre-built plasma table saves you time and effort. The
alignment is already set up and correct when it arrives.
- The inside of the frame slants downwards, collecting
debris at one end, so that you don't have to clean out the
whole table.
- Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
- You'll benefit from lifetime technical support by phone.
Call up one of our experienced reps whenever you need
Plasma torch systems sold separately. We'll let you choose
the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster model that works best for
your application. This table is compatible with automatic
torches, but not manual ones.
Ucancam Design Software (Included)
The PT-510HD-A comes standard with Ucancam programming
software. You can design or plot out your project on any
computer and load the plasma table via a USB drive.