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VICON V-SPP-460 Spiral Pipe CNC
McClellan Park, CA, USA
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Model: Vicon Spiral Pipe Cutting System
The Spiral Pipe Cutting System (patent pending) can be used
as a Stand Alone machine or can be tied into an existing
Vicon Plasma Cutting System for direct download from your
Vicon Plasma Cutting Programming Station.
Cut 4" to 60" round pipe ranging from 26 ga. to 16 ga. This
round duct and spiral duct cutting machine utilizes Plasma
Automation's patent and patent pending system. Trim, miter,
and make tap connections to the end of round duct pipes.
This machine cuts holes, slots, and other various shapes
into round and spiral duct for branches and registers to
attach. The software that generates the patterns and shapes
also has the ability to add allowances that adds or reduces
the shape and pattern sizes for allowing connections either
to or from other pipes or items.
* ViSoft incorporates a Pipe Fittings Library including
Pipe Ends and Pipe Tap.
* The Pipe Ends Fitting will allow for cutting the ends of
the pipe with mitered or tap-in patterns.
* The pipe can be trimmed at one or both ends as well as
cut into various lengths.
* The Pipe Tap Fitting allows various shaped cutouts to be
cut at any position along the pipe.
* The software allows the user to manually place holes,
miters, coping, or trim cuts on the pipe at any given angle.
* The program also produces labels for round and spiral
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