Ostrowiec, Poland
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Trommelhacker Skorpion 500 RB


Forestry machinery


Scorpion 500 RB is the drum chipper for working with the tractor min. 120 hp (540 ÷ 750 rpm). Because of the extensive wood waste up to a diameter of 300mm, the crane has been fed, in the standard equipment, the wood chopper has the connecting plates on which the crane is screwed. The large intake opening 375 x 340mm allows the hoeing of the spread and other extensive wood waste.
The pick-up of the wood chopper consists of the 380 mm diameter upper feed and pressure roller installed in the swing arm and the lower steel belt chain 680 mm in length with the manually folding folding table. For better crane loading, the wood chopper can be equipped with the hydraulically foldable table with the additional steel belt chain 600mm length.
The hydraulic system of the intake is in the standard version from the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motors with the drives, which drive the intake roller and the steel belt chains. The open drum with 6 offset knives (one revolution of the drum a cut) guarantees the great possibilities of the hacker with the low power requirement from the tractor. The construction of the knives allows the grinding during use itself by 55mm, by extending their life.
The regularity of the wood chip guarantees the application of the sieve under the cutting drum. The chips are conveyed by the screen with two screws into the ejection blowers and further ejected through the outlet pipe. The outlet pipe is manually turned by 360 ° with the screw. The hacker can also be equipped with the hydraulically retractable outlet pipe by means of the automatic control of the rotary platform by 240o with joystick.
The wood chopper is on a single axle chassis for safe driving on all road categories even in the difficult terrain. The standard axle without brake is capable of running at speeds up to 25 km / h. The hacker can also be equipped with a suspension axle (up to 40 km / h) or a pneumatic axle (up to 80 km / h). Both axles have the pneumatic brake. The solution of the lateral position of the intake opening allows simultaneous transport of the chopper and trailer with the tractor (the hacker has the automatic trailer coupling).
In the standard version, the 500 RB wood chopper is equipped with one of the most modern electronic control systems No-Stress, which automatically prevents overloading of the drive system by instantaneous stopping of the intake.
The produced wood chips can be used directly for burning in kilns, for composting, for decoration in green areas and for further processing by the hammer mill.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3870 x 2360 (3000) * x 3025 (4460) * [mm]
Weight 3700 without crane ** [kg]
Diameter of wood trunk up to 300 [mm]
Number of knives 6 Cutting knives + 1 Knife [pcs.]
Feed speed up to 21 [m / min]
Hour power up to 20 [m3 / h]
Hackschnizel length up to 35 depending on material [mm]
Type of feed roller and steel chain with the hydraulic drive
Drum diameter 520 [mm]
Screen (hole) 30x30 or 50x50 [mm]