Propac LST-550P Semi Automatic L-Sealer & Heat Tunnel

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Propac LST-550P Semi Automatic L-Sealer
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The Propac LST-500P semi automatic l-sealer with built in heat tunnel provides an all-in-one high output packaging solution. This semi automatic system is simple to operate and is the next step from a heat shrink chamber machine. Used in conjunction with centre folded shrink film up to a roll size of 600mm wide. The operator places the product into the shrink film, then moves the product across into the sealing area, the sealing button is then pressed automatically operating the pneumatic heat sealing bar. Once the sealing process has started the operator prepares the next product to be packaged. After the sealing process the sealing bar is automatically raised and the conveyor systems starts taking the product into the heat tunnel for shrinking. An optional flexible conveyor can be added to
manage the finished products exiting the heat tunnel. The sealing time and conveyor operating time can be adjusted on the l-sealer. A manual l-sealing mode can be used if a compressed air supply is unavailable. The heat tunnel temperature is adjusted via the digital control panel, conveyor speed can be adjusted to suit and the cool down cycle is activated by turning off the heaters.

These l-sealer and heat tunnel machines are highly versatile and can be used to shrink wrap a huge variety of different items for product presentation we recommend adding a Propac FC-450 flexible conveyor to manage the shrink wrapped items exiting the heat tunnel.