Propac PW-1000 Pallet Wrapper

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Propac PW-1000 Pallet Wrapper
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Pallet wrapper


The Propac PW-1000 is our entry level pallet wrapper that’s very easy to operate managing up to 25-30 wraps per hour. It’s simplistic design provides a high quality wrap which allows the user two modes of operation, choose between either 3 bottom wraps and 2 top wraps or 2 bottom wraps and 1 top wrap on the control panel. The operator places the pallet onto the turn table, then connects the stretch film to the bottom of the pallet, the start button is then pressed and the selected wrapping cycle begins. The PW-1000 has a photo sensor to detect the pallet height. A magnetic brake system prevents any unnecessary movement when loading/unloading and the turn table always returns to the same point once the wrap cycle is completed speeding up the unloading process. An optional ramp or slotted turn table can be added to the turn table which allows operator to load the pallet wrapper with a pallet truck if a fork lift is unavailable. A manual spring brake stretch device on the easy load film carriage allows the operator to select tension for a pre stretch setting for use with pre stretch machine film.