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EXFO / Burleigh WA-1100 Optical Wavelength Meter WA1100 (WA 1100 )
WA-1100 Wavemeter Optical Wavelength Meters provide the highest accuracy wavelength measurement, simultaneous power measurement, and are designed specifically for characterization of WDM components in manufacturing environments.
These systems employ Burleigh's proven scanning Michelson interferometer-based Wavemeter technology to determine the absolute wavelength of a test laser by comparing its interference fringe pattern with that of a built-in HeNe laser wavelength standard. Unlike other wavelength meters, all factors that can affect wavelength measurement are accounted for in order to achieve the highest absolute wavelength accuracy of ± 1 ppm with the WA-1100.
To provide a more complete analysis of WDM components, these Wavemeters simultaneously measure the total power of an optical input signal. In addition, a Drift feature automatically monitors as a function of time any changes in wavelength or power. Current values and their deviation from the measurement starting point are displayed to provide the real-time status of the test laser. The maximum and minimum values are also reported to give the limits reached during measurement.
Several design considerations specific to the needs of WDM component manufacturers have been incorporated in these systems. With a built-in HeNe laser wavelength standard, the system's accuracy is maintained over long periods of time without the need for calibration. The efficiency of wavelength characterization is enhanced with measurement cycle time as short as 0.1 second. And a rugged benchtop or rack mounted package minimizes any detrimental effects from a typical manufacturing environment.
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