2012 Jcb 8018CTS Excavators in
Little Rock, AR, USA
JCB excavators


Fuel type:
19.7 hp (14.7 kW)
Hours used:
Engine model:
Subcategory 2:


Mini Excavator w/ open cab, Pilot/EZ Controls, ISO/SAE Dual Control, 801X Std Dipper, Std Dozer Blade, Rotating Beacon The JCB 8018 represents the top performance and specification of the JCB 801 range. It boasts the same powerful engine as the JCB 8016 and is fitted with an extending undercarriage as standard. Its larger dig end, hydraulic rams and greater hydraulic pump flow provide a class leading digging capability. Productivity and Performance The Tier II compliant, 1.1 liter capacity engine boasting 11% greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions and a 30% greater capacity diesel tank over previous models. Tubular boom design with its light yet rigid construction provides outstanding strength and durability. The JCB 8018 is fitted with an extending undercarriage as standard. These longer, extendable tracks provide exceptional stability when performing on gradients, over the side or powering a breaker. The JCB 8018 is the only 1.5 metric ton mini excavator with an auto-kickdown two-speed motor as standard equipment. This is a real benefit when operating in arduous conditions, automatically changing between high and low gear as conditions demand. Cushioned rams offer assured control and performance. Reliability and Durability The hydraulics comprise fewer hoses and 20% fewer joints for reduced potential leak paths and improved reliability. The large capacity diesel tank allows for a full day's uninterrupted operation. Safety TOPS (Tip Over Protection Structure) and ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) Certified Cab / Canopy, with the added option of FOGS (Fall Over Guard Structure) Guard. Control isolator pod fitted as standard. Now made from an aluminum casting, this makes it much stronger and durable. In addition is now isolates not only the servo controls but the track levers for increased safety. The shape and narrow width of the tubular boom allows increased visibility. Incredibly stable working platform, increased further with extended undercarriage. Operator Environment The 8018 uses improved servo controls complimented with an advanced "micro section" valve block to produce smoothness, accuracy and multi-functionality, without reducing power or speed. The cab unit is isolated from the slew frame. The cab base including floor and seat base consists of a one-piece plastic molding. These two factors mean a drastic reduction in the levels of noise and vibration within the cab. The cab design is both spacious and comfortable and provides class leading all round visibility. The "up and over" front window is now gas assisted, further extending the 8018 range's theme of quality and ease of operation. Servicability Items requiring routine checks are grouped in close proximity in a remote service panel for easy access to top-up engine oil, coolant, diesel and hydraulics. The tilting radiator enables easier cleaning of the cooling pack and access to the fan