2015 NORDIC 36" Nordic Perfect
Joliet, IL
36" Nordic Perfect Shovel


Subcategory 2:
Snow Removal Equip
Subcategory 2:
Grounds care


Here now...Rendel's is the only brick and mortar discount retail establishment where you can actually see and test-plow with this simply ingenious lightweight plow that features a rounded edge that easily clears snow and ice, but won't harm your gravel, grass, paver bricks or irregular surfaces. Use it year round to move livestock feed or remove aeration plugs from your private putting green. Nordic calls it a 'shovel' but it is really a plow that exploites your body weight to easily move the snow without using any gasoline or electricity. IF YOUR BUYING TWO, THIS IS THE 'HIS' MODEL IN THE TWO UNIT HIS and HERS SET. ADD A PERFECT SHOVEL 24" TO YOUR ORDER FOR THE HER IN YOUR LIFE. Pay no sales tax if you are out of state or less sales tax because Rendel's is in Will County. Ask nice, and perhaps I deliver one or more to your business or home personally. JUST DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ORDERING ON LINE ELSEWHERE...YOU'LL WAIT AT LEAST 10-12 DAYS FOR DELIVERY AND BY THAT TIME YOU AND YOUR 'HER' MAY BE UP TO YOUR ASSES IN SNOW BY THEN! Nordic Plow's Perfect Shovel is a patent pending 11.5 inch tall- 36 inch wide push shovel unlike any other shovel on the market. Our blade has a rounded edge on one side and a sharp edge on the other side. The rounded edge is perfect for use on uneven surfaces such as gravel, paver bricks, sidewalks and turf. Cracks on sidewalks are not a problem and the rounded edge will not damage golf course greens, artificial turf or cover tarps. The shovel is currently being used by professional stadiums and major universities. With a flip of the wrist you can change the adjustable angle of the blade from right to left ( 10 degree or 5 degree angle). You can also customized the handle grips to fit your height and weight. Traditional shovels make you lift and twist whereas the Perfect Shovel uses your body weight and forearms to push. It is a one of a kind shovel that eliminates stress and backaches. Adjustable angle (10 or 5 degree) Rounded or sharp edge Adjustable handle Lightweight yet extremely durable Patent pending 1 year limited warranty Dimensions: Blade: 11.5" x 36". Just $149 + $20 for assembly and freight. PLEASE CALL ME, JOHN K. PETERSON, SR., YOUR RENDEL'S, INC. TURF DEPARTMENT MANAGER AT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO ARRANGE FOR A DEMONSTRATION HERE OR AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS.
Rendel's began in 1910 as a chandelier manufacturer. One day, a wealthy customer asked if one of the skilled metal shaping artisans employed at Rendel's could reshape his dented fender. This was the beginning of Rendel's journey to becoming the very best collision repair specialist in the U.S.A. Radiator repair led to a service shop and fully stocked parts department today that works on all turf equipment including Wright, Mahindra tractors, Hustler, Ariens, Altoz, Gravely and Stihl hand tools warranty repairs. Rendel's is also authorized to do warranty work for Fuso medium duty trucks, Autocar spotter tractors, GMC commercial trucks, AUSA teleha