Menart TR 1950 mobiele trommelzeef

Menart TR 1950 mobiele trommelzeef in Dussen, Netherlands

Dussen, Netherlands
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TR 1950 mobiele trommelzeef


Waste & recycling


Menu mobile drum sieves are drum sieves that have a removable sieve cover and a removable drum, which allows you to choose from a very wide range of mesh sizes in tension nets and preferred discs
Our drums work less than 6 degrees and have a casual sieve system WITHOUT SPOED the seven product moves just 15 cm per revolution and is taken upwards by the cross bars in the drum which works on gravity making it much more intense with The seven product that results in a much more efficient screening effect !!
The drum sieves are equipped with a diesel engine diesel hydraulic / diesel electric or fully electric
The drum sieves are available in 6 different models with the capacity of 10-110m3 per hour
The machine is available in 2 and 3 fractions and can also be performed in a stationary version with multiple drums and mesh widths, bumpers and drainage belts
So you can realize a very large sieve surface in combination with a wide variety of sieved material
The drum screen installations can be used in a wide range of products such as wood, metal, plastic, sand, debris, salt etc.
The cleaner the product, the more it is worth it
We are official importer for the Netherlands of these Menart machines
And on 17-18 June 2015 on the BVOR days at waste care on the waubacherweg 11 in Brunssum and give demo s with o a Menart green recycling machines