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Advantest R3267 100 Hz to
Elgin, IL


Electronic Test Equipment
Span accuracy:
±1 or better (typ. ±0.2 for all spans)
Condition info:
Input attenuator:
75 dB in 5 dB steps (R3267)
Average noise level:
-154 dBm/Hz (2 GHz band)
Resolution bandwidth:
1Hz to 10MHz
1 db gain compression:
0 dBm (typ. 3 dBm)
Subcategory 2:
Spectrum analyzer


NIST Calibration Pricing - $595.00
Advantest R3267 Features:
High Frequency and Wide Bandwidth Measurements.
Frequency range : R3267:100Hz to 8GHz R3273:100Hz to 26.5GHz
Resolution bandwidth : 1Hz to 10MHz
Span accuracy : ±1 or better (typ. ±0.2 for all spans)
High Dynamic Range Measurements. Dynamic range : -145 dBc/Hz (2 GHz band, typ.) : 70 dB or better (5 MHz offset, typ.) for W-CDMA ACP measurement
Average noise level : -154 dBm/Hz (2 GHz band)
Input attenuator : 75 dB in 5 dB steps (R3267)
1 dB gain compression : 0 dBm (typ. 3 dBm)
3rd order intermodulation distortion : -90 dBc or less
The Advantest R3267 features a frequency span accuracy ±0.2(typ.) and a dynamic range of -145 dBc/Hz (typ.) in the 2 GHz band to allow accurate, repeatable measurements for high-quality digital signals.
Its 1 Hz to 10 MHz resolution band with filter and ability to perform a 70 dB (typ., at 5 MHz offset) ACP measurement on W-CDMA makes it ideal for testing of wide band signals.
This spectrum analyzer provides excellent value with its combination of spectrum and optional modulation analyzer, so that it can be used with applications ranging from research and development of com-munication devices and modules, to pro-duction line and deployment testing of communication infrastructure equipment.
The Advantest R3267 is a new family of analyzers to test todays, and tomorrows communication systems.