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Advantest R6144 Programmable Bipolar DC
Elgin, IL, USA


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Advantest R6144 Features:
Up to 32 V/160 mA voltage, current output
High resolution (1μV/100 nA steps)
High accuracy guaranteed for 6 months: 0.03% (Voltage), 0.035% (Current)
Low noise increases measurement reliability: 3mVp-p, one-fifth of previous models’ noise level
Reduced settling time enables improvements in throughput: 50 ms, one-third of previous models’ time
Built-In 160-Step memory
Bipolar - capable of outputting positive or negative at the push of a button
All-digit continuous variable sweep function enables wider range of measurement applications
Programs written for previous model (TR6142) can be used without modification
The Advantest R6144 is precision voltage and current generators ideal for evaluation of precision circuits and parts as well as calibration of temperature controllers. The units use a time-sharing D/A conversion circuit which provides excellent linearity and stability. Settling time and output noise are greatly reduced for higher reliability, allowing construction of a high throughput measurement system. GPIB and BCD parallel interfaces are provided as standard features, enabling compatibility with a wide range of host devices such as personal computers, sequencers or general purpose I/O interfaces.